Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to tie a Bow.....

This morning in my inbox was a link to Stampeleinmaleins from my crafty friend Helen.  :-)  Sharing this wonderful blog full of tutorials and tips.   These lanterns are spectacular.  Be sure to scroll to the end of the tutorial to see what the DT have made.  Now I couldn't help but click to see what else was on this terrific blog and I discovered this.........

How to tie a bow using a fork.  I can normally tie pretty good bows but when I require little ones for cards they tend to get a bit fiddly.  I have had a plan of buying one of those little bow tying gadgets but now I think I can save that money for other crafting items. :=) I have a fork or two in my house.  Still have to try it out though but thought you all should know.


  1. uauauua, what a great blog, I always wanted to learn to do real good bows, Tks, Merry.

  2. Hi Merry I have seen these Lanterns and agree they look wonderful and the one you are showing looks even more beautiful with Tilda on. I will be interested to see how your bows turn out using the fork it sounds a brilliant idea.
    Lorraine x

  3. OH YES I had heard of this before just never tried it!

    awesome lantern, wanna make one of those myself too lol

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