Monday, November 15, 2010

Learnt something this weekend

I was out gardening like I planned.  I managed to weed four of our eight gardens, so very happy.  Then yesterday arvo it started raining and is still again my plants are happy too.  I found my four watermelon plants in the weed/vegi garden.  A couple of them are flowering already.  So maybe some watermelons in the not too distant future.

As I was putting the hose away from having the sprinklers on ...... yes I brought the rain on by watering my garden. lol.  Anyways, I noticed these white fuzzy bugs and thinking they just had to be bad for plant I squished a few.  Well last night I decided to google and.............

Now I am a little sad as those white fuzzy things are apparently the larvae of a ladybird (ladybug, ladybeetle).  Big time oops!!!  I have never thought before how a ladybird came to be.  I think I assumed there were eggs laid they hatched as ladybirds.  If you would like to see a few more ladybirds and learn a little more here is a great site all about the ladybirds in the Brisbane area of Australia.


  1. Oooo thanks for this info I love Ladybirds but noticed that we don't get many of them around now, probably too many gardener's squishing their larvae, lol, only joking Merry, I had a Ladybird in my bedroom a few weeks back on the door handle of my wardrobe of all places, so I put her carefully outside. I will make sure that I do not do anything to any little white stuffs that appear in my garden although I keep it tidyish I like the insects and wildlife to have a bit of peace from me. Hugs Lorraine x

  2. thanks for that - I have now learned something too ;-)
    must be the time for ladybirds - I had one in my craft room on the curtain and I took it outside too - don't know how it got in ;-)

  3. Oh WOW I learnt something new today,who would have thought that the white thing were gorgeous little lady beetles!!!

  4. OH NO! Oh well at least you googled it, so you know now1 I wouldn't have thought that either!

    I Do LOVE ladybugs, I remember collecting them when I was little!

    Hope you get some nice watermelons, our tomatoes are really popping out here, not ripe yet, but hopefully by Christmas!

  5. Well, they do say your never to old to learn...and it's true, did not know this, love ladybirds, how cute.xx

  6. aah - baby ladybugs - cute.TYFS.

  7. Oh no! Well, don't be too hard on yourself because you didn't know! We have lots of ladybugs here but they look a bit different in color. I have never seen the larvae before .... very strange looking! Neat info. so thanks for sharing!!


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