Friday, November 19, 2010

Gordonvale Now and Then

Just had to share this wonderful idea that someone told me about as he had posted a couple of photos of the Gordonvale area.  They have been entered into a project online run by ABC Open.  They ask you to grab a very old landscape photo and to go to that destination and match it up to the location now and take a photo.  That is a photo of your old photo framed my the area as it appears today.

Check out these great photos.


  1. Hi Merry, These are fabulous pics, gosh the place looks like it hasn't changed abit in all those years,even the background on the pic of the nurse was exactly the same....amazing.xx

  2. totally cool!!!!

    love that!

  3. Hi Merry

    Thanks for the award ,just got back from our holiday in New Zealand.I can not believe how many beautiful cards you have made in the two weeks I have been away.

    Have a great weekend


  4. wow-what a great idea and you pulled it off brilliantly, think my hand might shake too much LOL! Like the one outside the pub the best, really evocative.


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