Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Where is my Desk Wednesday and a pile of books

A bit of a variation to the What's on your desk on Wednesday theme. Mine is Where is your desk? I have had to this tiny corner in the family room which meant I had to reduce my collection again. I had just been through my craft goodies and tossing some stuff I had held on to for way to long in preparation for this move. Oh will grow again I am very sure.

The reason for the move is because as of yesterday we have a Japanese exchange student staying with us for this school term...three months. Nana is 17yo and she is now in our sons room. Our son is our computer room where my desk used to hide. So a few changes but I am sure we will survive. I am constantly thinking of things to tell Nana that we do so routinely in our house. Just hoping I am not bombarding her. She does understand English but I am just not sure how much and how polite she is being and just nodding and smiling. But we will figure this out as it only day two.

Here are a pile of little notebooks I am playing with at the moment. I made the covers last year while I was working at the bindery. Originally they were to have post-it notes in them but that just never happened. Now I have decided to use up some of the kids old exercise books that they brought home from primary school with unused pages. I have also added some of my scrap pieces of patterned papers and old envelopes. Thought they could be little notebooks to have on hand in your handbag. Ready for that occasion when you need a scrap bit of paper for a phone number or address.


  1. thats cool, nice to see your space!

  2. Waiting to see what your are going to do with does notebook. Regards

  3. I bet you will be glad to have your old space back in a few months...I'm not sure I could handle a little corner in the family room! But then again it would be worth it to have an exchange student for a few cool to learn different ways of life!

  4. Cute notebooks! Having an exchange student for a few months will be exciting and an ok reason to put up with just a little corner for your sewing and crafts.


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