Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mother's Day Card

Sorry about the photo but it is raining again this morning so thought I would try a photo under the desk lamp. Thought it had a daylight bulb in there..... I have made this card for Mother's Day using a cream perlescant card for the base card. Then a layer of brown bazzill card. This wonderful orange paper I received in a swap ages ago, it is so rich and elegant. These wonderful poppies are a 3D paper tole from Blue Edge Crafts. My lovely mother cut these flowers out as she has a much steadier hand than me. :-) Finished the card with brown ribbon and a Mum sticker.

Time for me to make another card now. I am stuck at home for the morning as the car is in getting work done and it's raining outside. So what else can a person do but craft in these conditions. Happy Wednesday everyone.


  1. Merry,

    Thank you for your kind words the other day.

    I think it gives a nice warm glow to the card which is absolutely beautiful!!

    Hope all is well with you!!!

  2. Well I shall wish for rain everyday Merry so you can craft! lol. Your card is gorgeous and yay to Mum for cutting the flowers out!

    Kylie ox

  3. Wow,this is amazing,really beautiful.....Hugs Laura

  4. Hi Merry

    Getting decent photos is the baine of my life and why is it that it seems impossible to get a picture of a square card that atually looks square ?

    Anyhow, the colours of this look very rich and great card.

    B x

  5. О,Merry, very elegant card!

  6. What a spectacular card! That orange paper looks gorgeous!! And you have to stay home and craft huh? I bet your really bummed...LOL! I would be happy as a clam!

  7. beautiful card, I adore that one a lot!!!

  8. Lovely Mothers Day card. The lighting only adds to the warmth of the card so the rain is being your friend today.:)


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