Monday, April 12, 2010

Needle Case and Holiday Photos

I created this needlecase for my friend Mandy from over at Craftmad. We had a patchwork sewing swap back in January and her partner disappeared on her (disappointing). Guess what Mandy's favourite colour is . I have used my cuttlebug and spellbinder nestabilities again to create the felt flower.

Felt flower I created.

Yes, we are back from holidays and what a wonderful time we had. The four of us flew down to the Gold Coast for the week and this is the view we had from our balcony. So hard to take hey! I was just happy to see blue skies and sunshine as it had been raining constantly for approx three weeks at home. Apparently didn't stop until last Wednesday.

This is one of the views we had from the Q Deck in the Q1 Building. Apparently, structurally it is the 25th tallest building in the world. It also has one of the fastest elevators in the world and I will vouch for that. Scary as you wonder if it will actually stop at floor 77 as you watch the numbers scroll faster and faster as we approach. I have just read in the link above that it reaches floor 77 in 42.7 seconds. Not bad hey!

We did a 2 hour river cruise which took us through all the Surfers Paradise canals to see the lavish houses, boats and some helicopters. Then out to the Southport Broadwater where I have never seen so many jet skis in the one place.

Back to the apartments for a daily swim in the pool. This is our daughter doing an underwater stint. I wimped out and didn't do any ocean swimming but the rest of the family did. Hubby enjoyed being able to body surf again, I think. We don't have any surf up here in Cairns.

Just had to share this photo. We arrived on the Saturday and it took me till Wednesday which I am happy about to get back into my normal waking habit of 6am and this is the view I saw each morning after that....well much the same. Prior to Wednesday I actually slept to 7am or a little past. lol

Thanks everyone for visiting while we were away and leaving your lovely wishes. You have all certainly been busy and I think I have caught up on most of your terrific creations.


  1. Gorgeous creation and lovely photos, sounds like you had a grand time!!!

    Welcome Back!

  2. Lovely Merry!
    Mandy will love it
    I love your pics - it has been a few years since we visited the Gold Coast - I could almost hear the waves while looking at your pics ;-)

  3. Lovely case! I remember going to GC 2 years ago and your photos made me wish we were there again. Hope you had a lovely holiday

  4. ¡¡so pretty!!! and I want to go there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. So sweet of you to make that for Mandy since her swap partner disappeared and I adore your photos! Breathtaking trip! Hubby found the building facts very neat and I loved the beach pictures!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. I am general not scared of lifts but after reading about 77 floors in 42 seconds i am feeling quite nauseous lol. I just hope its not made of transparent glass as well!!

    Thanks for the pics and your lovely needle case should make your friend feel heaps happier!


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