Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Card for my friend who turned 50

This was such a fun card to make for a friend who turned 50. She quite often shares a nice body on Facebook, so i took this as my starting point. So it took me a while to collect all these photos but I stuck with it. ;-)  I put all the photos I found in a photo editor program - PicMonkey and created this collage. Along the way I found the topper for the card which I thought was apt for a 50yo card as by this age we are no where near perfect. :-)

I added this twisting pop out to the centre of the card for an extra bit of fun. 

 Hope this gave you a smile, enjoy your day. 


  1. What a chore for you to collect those photos LOL! Great fun card.

  2. OMG!! This is the best card I have seen for a long time Merry. I am still laughing. I hope your friend appreciates the work you put into this..Loz


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