Thursday, January 12, 2017

Happy 21st to our amazing daughter

Unbelievably our daughter turns 21 today.  Unbelievable to me as the time has gone so quick as they tell you it will when you have your baby.  Melissa is a beautiful, caring and very independent young lady discovering where her life will lead her. Melissa starts her Bachelor of Graphic Design at the end of February so she will be busy with that and hopefully it leads to an exciting job.

The card is a Gatefold Shutter Card, I followed this tutorial by Sandi.  Normally, I like to follow tutorials with photos but I could find none for this style of card.  The video was helpful as I could see the card action was meant to happen.  Lately, Melissa has been telling me how she is into greys and black and not much colour so that is where I headed to find some paper for the card.  Came across this daisy paper which I have always loved and waited for the right card.  Thought a splash of pink was perfect so dragged out my Stampin Up card stock which I know always blends so well. Followed the tutorial for this surprisingly easy and very fun card. Die cut the flowers and numbers.

A video to show how the card opens.  

Thought I would revisit the birthday cards I have posted over the years for our daughter.
20th - 2016
19th - 2015
18th - 2014

Don't know what happen at 17 :-)  16th - 2013

15th - 2012

Missed 14 somewhere - 13th - 2010

Thanks for passing on bye.


  1. Happy birthday to Melissa, may your future be blessed...enjoy your special day...
    Merry your cards are all so pretty, the latest one looks very complicated, I hope to get a chance to view the tute asap....
    Have a lovely day...xx

  2. Fabulous card and technique Merry. Thanks for the link to the video.. I Love all the cards you have made her over the Years. My favorite is the one for her 18th...Loz

  3. Beautiful card Merry love the technique also the gorgeous colours and embellishments and your daughter is so lucky to receive such a beautiful card and the other cards you have made over the years are also so pretty thank you for sharing them and wishing you a happy new year x

  4. Very pretty card love the shutter design.
    Love the others too especially the drink cup one!!

  5. Love the colour scheme - such a pretty card - I haven't made anything like this - will give it a try over the weekend .I hope your daughter has a lovely birthday -

  6. Wow Merry that card fold looks very intricate and so beautiful, the cards from previous years all look amazing your daughter must have been so thrilled to have received cards made with love from her mum
    lorraine x

  7. I think I have some of that daisy paper too! Love your card, looks complicated though! Since you shared your pop up card I have seen the style featured in a magazine over here and on a professional crafters blog, but never seen it until you shared the other day. Happy Birthday to your daughter, seems like yesterday when we first began blogging and your children were still so young!!

  8. Very pretty and what a great design, also lots of great memories there. Kx


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