Sunday, January 29, 2017

Did you know………Pinterest?

I discovered yesterday that when I have been pinning my cards to my Pinterest albums they just link to the entire blog.  So when a person clicks on the link in Pinterest they are sent to my blog and then have to scroll to find the card.  If the everyone is like me, I can't be bothered and will go back to Pinterest to find a similar card with a direct link to the card.

What I have been doing is the day the my card is posted I hover on the card until the Pinterest save button comes up and save it via that.  Purple arrow.

What I should be doing and will be doing from now on is actually clicking on the post title (pink arrow) so that post is all I see on my screen then click on the Pinterest save button as then it saves to that post only.

I am now going through my boards and seeing where the link takes me if it is just to my blog I find the post I want and right click on the post title (pink arrow) and copy link then go back to my Pinterest board and edit the website on the saved card with the copied link.  

With any changes I do to Pinterest I find that I have to log off the internet and then when I go back online and visit Pinterest the changes are done.

Hope this helps someone else. Have a good day.


  1. Hello, dear kind blog friend,

    This tip more than helped and I have finally learned how to attach my card to pinterest.

    Hope you are healing well.

    Lots of love and crafting,


  2. Thats a good source of information Merry thank you for sharing this l'm sure it will be so useful to others xx

  3. I noticed that too and it is irritatin'! :) I'm pretty good at finding what I want providing people have a search engine gadget near the top of their side menu where it's handy to get to (hint, hint), but some don't even have one. And I ain't stickin' around to find whatever it is that I'm lookin' for and delete it from my board at Pinterest, 'cause I don't want anybody to have the same trouble I had. I don't need it that bad, so thanks for your directions. Hope you are having a wonderful week!

    1. Yes, I do like you do and agree about the search menu. That helps heaps.

  4. Wow! Thanks i did not realize or know that.
    Hope you are well!
    Thanks for sharing!


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