Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tea Tree Cottage Daintree

We have just spent the ANZAC long weekend up at Tea Tree Cottage Daintree……not really a cottage but more a tree house.   We arrived up there late Friday afternoon.  This was the first holiday we have ever taken our dog with us, a nice change.  Although the older that he gets the more anxious he is in the car.  He has never been sick but these days is on the back seat and tends to watch the floor like he can see the road.  But we all made the trip and he enjoyed his break away with us.   This is the view I had on my first night while washing up the dishes after a BBQ meal cooked by my husband.

Saturday morning we were greeted with this view while drinking our first coffee of the day.

Looking back towards the BBQ and to the right is the kitchen window I was looking at the moon the night before.

From my seat on the verandah I could see through the dining area to our bedroom as you can see the house is made of trees…..everything is wood and so beautiful.

It was a very relaxing weekend.  I managed some colouring, read and entire James Patterson book….this is a huge achievement for me as there never seems enough time to just sit a read.  :-).  Played lots of puzzle games on my phone, played real Patience with actual cards….have not done that in a while, watched tele, walked the dog around the property.  But the best part of the weekend was our trip to Cow Bay to walk along the beach (dog friendly).  On the way we were privileged enough to see a Cassowary and chick (not a tiny chick it was about 80cm high) walk across the road in front of us.  In all my life (and it's been a lot of years in the tropics) I have never seen a Cassowary in the wild, seen lots of signs saying they exist and recent sitings.  So I am one happy chappy.   No photos as they were gone before we knew it and I just wanted to take the moment in.

This was our view on Sunday morning…..very wet and a little windy, so we just had to stay home all day and do nothing other than relax, read, colour, drink eat and talk to each other.  

More views Sunday morning….paw paws weren't quite ready for us.

We managed to walk around the yard a few times during the day between showers of rain.

Monday mornings view from the other kitchen window.  Still a little wet, we had our coffee, breakfast and headed back home.

We were front row on the ferry ride back across the Daintree river.

Now to plan our next adventure.


  1. So beautiful are your photos Merry x

  2. WOW looks like such a pretty place. Looks really quiet too. Do you get big bugs there too being in the tropics? How far is this form ur home?
    Glad you had an amazing & relaxing time!

    1. Hi Michelle, yes it was a lovely stay. Luckily we didn't see any big bugs this trip. Often see spiders. In the guest book there had been a couple of entries about a python on the verandah, thankfully we did not get to see it otherwise I would have been locked in the car I think. :-) Lots of mozzies and midgies. Mozzie coils kept them at bay.

  3. Hello Merry,
    your fotos are fantastic, the second photo is wonderful..
    You have many copics *wow*
    Many joy at coloring.
    Have a beautiful day
    Many greetings

    1. Thanks Swaani, yes I am lucky to have a few Copics. Lucky we did a trip to Japan when I first started and picked up some pens cheaper than here in Australia. Funny thing is when they are stored on my desk they don't look many but when I throw them in a plastic bag for holidays I am almost embarrassed at how many I do own. But they are fun…embarrassment doesn't last long. :-)

  4. Beautiful photos Merry.. Looks like you had a wonderful time with your furbaby.. I remember living in cairns and it was always raining...Loz

  5. Looks a heavenly place .Great photos and thanks for sharing

  6. Looks great and sounds as though you had a really relaxing time - good for you x


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