Thursday, April 7, 2016

Craftmad April Sketch - Mother's Day

Morning everyone, this is the April card sketch for Craftmad.  If you would like to see everyone else's creations click here, or post one of your own in our Pinterest album.

I started with these lovely Kaisercraft papers for this sketch and this is the card emerged but it's not the sketch.  Still had fun creating it.

So my second attempt I thought I would make a Mother's Day card for my Mum…..getting organised for May. :-) Mum loves green and gardening so that is why I chose this double sided patterned paper. I layered up the papers then attached this lovely white paper daisy to which I added the crocheted daisy centre which I won ages ago. The blue card stock looked a little plain so I added glitter sticker lines - Sticker Store.  Finished with a computer generated sentiment.

I am a tad excited today as our daughter rang up on Tuesday saying she had just booked some cheap air tickets to be home today to Sunday.  We haven't seen her since January.  Best bit is we finally get to surprise my husband who seems to always be surprising us.  He has not a clue that I am picking her up this afternoon.  My daughter and I will fit in - a run in her case, fast walk in mine of the Red Arrow track before getting her home.

Wishing you a wonderful day too.


  1. two Beautiful cards Merry..Loz

  2. Both cards are great and I like how you folded the tag on the first card. And the flower in the second card is really sweet.
    Thanks for the visit and kind words as always,

  3. Wow Merry that second card is full of so much beauty and vibrant colour, the flower looks amazing, top notch make
    lorraine x

  4. Nothing like an coming event to prod one into making cards! grin! I wish my Mother appreciated handmade cards, but she likes the luxury of commercial cards better. Your card would outshine some of the cards I saw at the store when picking out my Mother's card this weekend. Enjoy the daughters visit!

    1. It is true, I do enjoy making the card for the person. I do have a small stash of just in case cards but find I don't use them as I like to create a card with the person in mind. Thanks to my Mum I make cards, she is a very crafty lady and in earlier years drawn some beautiful small ink pictures. The drawing part skipped a generation which our daughter has.

    2. Oh and daughters visit was wonderful.


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