Sunday, March 6, 2016

Craft Room Reorganisation (lots of photos)

It took me two months but I have reorganised my craft room to a stage I am happy to be crafting again.  This is a before shot.

Another before - note the curtains and I am sitting right over in the left corner of the room.

The spring clean starts. Everything was moved out from the walls and cobwebs and gecko poo removed. The shelving did live over here.

Amazing how things get messier when you are cleaning and tidying up.  The cupboards are on the move and items from inside are now on the floor.

Looking towards my craft area.

One cupboard moved into it's new home. If you open the doors even now there are two shelves that need sorting but they will wait for another day. :-)

Now the shelving has been moved and my desk has shoved along the wall and I still have a vantage point of our front yard and street.  So will know who is coming and going. :-)

New curtains are up and shelves are full….now to find a home for this gear.  :-0

The pile is getting smaller and smaller.  Note the colours of all the plastic drawers.

Now they are all spray painted this wonderful purple colour.  I added washi tape to some blue handles on one lot of drawers.  Another lot I was able to remove the handles and they got the spray treatment too.

My finished room, lots of light, lots to view out the window and easy access to all my crafting items.

Another view of my room.  I have suggested a purple office chair would be a great gift for my up and coming birthday. :-)

Thanks for taking the time to check out all these photos which I wanted to share as I know a couple other people in bogland are attempting re-organising their craft rooms.  I just want to show it can be done, it does take time and it seems to get messier before organised.  So stick it out. :-)


  1. Looks fantastic Merry. It must have been a lot of hard work.. The new curtains are so much better than the old ones..Loz

  2. So beautiful Looks perfect. You have an amazing craft space. Would you believe I have the same color of my craftroom wall, I did it two weeks back. Exactly the same as we did it together :) You can check here:
    Thank You.

  3. I am so over trying to get the best use of my space - I am throwing things away now - I suppose it's a bit of a temper tantrum - already sorry fro my actions - your room looks good -happy crafting.

  4. Love it Merry, I only cleared out cupboards and sorted a few boxes and I can't find anything now..!!!!!!...oh well, enjoy..xx

  5. WOW am I jealous! I am still knee deep in the process and moving way to slow. I need to get ruthless.....! Yours is wonderful..


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