Monday, March 21, 2016

Copic and Envelope Storage

The last of my craft room makeover.  I found these wonderful pen holders at the Reject Shop and thought they would be perfect for my Copic pen storage.

I glued holders altogether to form one big container.  I have just enough room for a couple more pens.  :-)

After I had decorated my ribbon storage with the Graphic 45 papers I thought I should use a bit more of it around the room to tie everything together.  So the Copic pen holders was covered in some the offcuts.

I have had my envelopes sitting in the little boxes that they are bought in.  Over time I had three boxes with different sized envelopes.  I decided to glue these boxes together to create one container then covered with more of my Graphic 45 paper offcuts.

Showing all the the sides.

The coloured envelopes you see are ones I have made up from some scrap pages that I have had in my stash since forever.  As I don't do scrapbooking and the patterns mustn't catch my eyes for cards I know they will look wonderful as envelopes and make a terrific finish to any of my cards.

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  1. So the organisation goes on Merry, you are so super efficient.......not to self to get sorted.

    B x

  2. You've been busy organizing; nice work! I also love your latest cards. You do such nice work on them!

  3. Your room look so tidy and organized!! Im still working on mine and hope to have it finished in about 6 weeks! Love your copic holder and loved your other organizer with the g-45 paper so pretty!! The copic holder is so cool!

    1. Thanks Michelle, can't wait to see some photos of your space when it is done.


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