Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My Christmas Quilt

Thank you, lovely people for dropping by and leaving such kind comments….I have missed you all and just wish my day would stretch a couple more hours.  Next year may be different, as changes are afoot.  Looking at spending all my time at the school (admin) in future and letting another lady discover the joys of bookbinding.  This won't happen until February at the earliest.

Today, I would like to share a quilt that I finally completed.  Over at Craftmad during 2014 (Jan-Dec) a couple of us swapped traditional christmas coloured quilt blocks.  Beginning of November this year I bit the bullet and decided that the quilt had to made for this Christmas.  We use a quilt on the lounge to as a protector for when people are laying on there.  I had that many blocks that I decided to have a blocks on the front and the back.  Never again as the back doesn't quite line up……although it did when I pinned it and started quilting.  All finished first week December.

Each month I would make two quilt blocks, one for me to keep and know what I had done and the other was sent to my partner.  The photo above shows all the quilt blocks that I sent out over the year.

This side of the quilt are all the blocks I received throughout the year.

This photo is for Loz. :-)  I did have it in my post yesterday but deleted it at the last moment.  After Loz's request, I thought why not share my cringeworthy dress.   This is a before alterations and it is 2 sizes to big for me.

This is pinned for alterations…..I didn't get a photo of the finished product.  The section that I removed I sewed and turned into a bow and attached it to the right hip of the dress.  I also made and added shoulder pads as I thought the shoulders needed more of a lift.

Take care.  I am off to check out some of your blogs now. 


  1. What fantastic quilting looks fab. Great dress alterations too.

  2. Beautiful quilts Merry. You look fabulous in the altered dress. I am so glad that fashion has not returned..loz

  3. Gorgeous quilting there Merry, so pretty.....I do struggle at times lining up, but I love the visdeos from Quilting Star, she is amazing, and the three dudes too...
    Great dress...xx

  4. Sounds like you've been really busy! Next time you take photos, don't cover up your face! Love the quilt. Have a fabulous holiday, Merry! Enjoy every moment.

  5. Wow a beautiful Christmas quilt Merry, the change you made to the dress is fantastic I love it
    lorraine x


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