Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas everyone

Merry Christmas from me to you.  
These were decorations we saw up in Port Douglas last year.

Our Christmas tree this year which I decorated by myself …… first time in forever as no kids home.  Scruff supervised.  All the ornaments were given to us as gifts over the years.

This is what we will all be like just after lunch. :-)

A couple of my Christmas creations that I did make back in October for our annual Craftmad get together.  The tags I used my finger prints and a couple of lines to create the images.  The tree, there is a fake tea light inside so glows and looks pretty at night.  I have more items to show you but since upgrading our computer, the computer no longer recognises my SD card so trying to find a way around this….after Christmas though.

Me, getting in the Christmas mood.
I wish you a wonderful day however you get to spend the day.  


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