Sunday, December 20, 2015

My next quilting journey….

I have dug out all my craftmad swap blocks today and put them roughly, very roughly into quilt fronts. The first quilt will be our new one for the lounge once Christmas has past… I had better get started on that. The remainder are on offer to our daughter and son or spares for us. I removed the reds and oranges from the rainbow quilt and made a seperate quilt top because for some reason I had four reds that I had made myself so used them on each corner. Plus I think this sized quilt top are as big as I want to do on the sewing machine.


  1. Thank you Merry! I went out for the first time, except for a doctor's visit, last night for my husband's company Christmas party. Still get tired some, but feeling better. Love that brights and black quilt top. Looks like you've been busy too! Have a sunny but very Merry Christmas! =0)

  2. They all look fabulous Merry. have a very Merry Christmas..Loz

  3. Nämä peitteet on todella kauniita. Olet ollut ahkera.
    Hyvää joulua sinulle ♥

  4. Wonderful work Merry...
    Have a Merry Christmas..x

  5. Gosh wow they are soo pretty!! xx

  6. It was so nice to hear from you. love all your quilts, especially your Christmas quilt. I need to organize my sewing room before I attempt a project. You garden is lovely. I keep forgeting it is summer for you. I had a little snow and more expected on the 23rd and 24th. Wishing you a very Merry holiday.

  7. they all look fabulous - happy sewing in the New Year - wishing you a very Happy Christmas x

  8. Hi Merry I was thrilled to see you had visited my blog and left me some love, your quilt designs are fantastic I admire your wonderful skill at this awesome form of crafting, they are all absolutely gorgeous, I wish you and your family a wonderful festive holiday
    lorraine x


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