Monday, June 16, 2014

Quilt Blocks for Craftmad swap - Clay's Choice and Cluster of Stars

I fell a little behind on my sewing in May and didn't complete my Quilt Block for the swap over at Craftmad until first week in June.  We had to swap a Clay's Choice block and we are using traditional coloured Christmas fabrics this year.  This is a first for me to ad the oblong shape into a block.  With the instructions so very easy.  I always thought when I saw these shapes in blocks that they were actually cut to that shape and sewn in ........ wrong!  To make this shape you start with a rectangle and sew to small squares on diagonals to the top of the rectangle, trim and fold back.....tadah! a wonderful shape is formed.

Now this one I am definitely on time just have to get them in the mail now.  This is the June block for the Craftmad swap and we had to sew a Cluster of Stars block.  Another new technique......making 'Flying Geese' sections.  They are the ones in the middle on the outside edge.  Same as above you start with a rectangle and sew two small squares but on a different diagonal to create this shape.

I had run out of christmas fabric and happened to mention this one visit to my Mums.  Mum rummaged through her collection and happily passed on what she had....reducing her stash. :-)  The outside red fabric on this block actually had a sticker on it for would have been at  least a metre square.  Bargain.

Hope your day is a good one.  Thanks for visiting.


  1. gorgeous quilting Merry..Loz

  2. Fabulous projects Lori. Adorable image of Betsy Ross..Loz

  3. This makes me want to revisit patchwork again Merry, years since I did any. And I love the bright and bold colours here.

    B x

  4. Aw this is simply gorgeous as always xx

  5. Hi there Merry .
    Long time since I visited .
    Love the block quilting .Not seen this pattern before .beautiful colours.
    hugs Shirley-Anne

  6. This is so bright and colourful.

    I am not able to comment on your posts. I tried like five times and then I could.

    Thanks for all the recent comments and the email as well.

    The packers are here and yes, it is nice to declutter.

    Catch you soon,


  7. Wow I am in awe of these quilt projects Merry, I have always loved these sort of quilts the work that go into them is amazing, awesome work.
    lorraine x

  8. Two more fun blocks! Like your cards,too,Merry.


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