Saturday, February 8, 2014

Congratulations to my parents on their 50th Wedding Anniversary

Today 50 years ago my parents were married.  How fabulous is that they are still together and supporting and loving each other.  Had four wonderful kids…the oldest is the best  ;-)   of course.

I received this Concertina Card from Blue Edge Crafts to have a play with and I knew I had to make something for Mum and Dad with this.  So I went through all my gold stash…I wish that was real gold. :-)  Gold papers and embellishments.  Borrowed my parents wedding album and had photos of my siblings and their families emailed to me.  

I did all the base work on this great design of card with the paper layers, adding the photos and the frames.  Then I had to work during the week so asked our daughter who had a day off if she would embellish the card.  I am so happy with what she did, she used embellishments I had not thought to use which I have had in my collection waiting for the right project. :-)  I was thinking more along the lines of creating flowers but I love all the bling and bubble quotes.

Front - Wedding cake.  The 50 is an image I found on the net made up of drawings of roses.

Open the front flap to reveal photos of the wedding.

The first inside page - 'The Kiss'.

Quote top right - "You are so beautiful to me"

Quote bottom - "It is the things in COMMON that makes relationships ENJOYABLE. But it's the little differences the make them INTERESTING"

Good old rice thrown by loving brother. :-)

The parents.

Quote - " Love is….. the MASTER KEY who opens the gates of happiness.

(A side note - my parents parents both celebrated 50th anniverseries as well) 

The bridal party…..the bridesmaids are in royal blue satin and men in Army uniform.

Four achievements of Fifty Years.

A place for all of us to say a little something special tonight. 

Tonight we are helping our parents celebrate their 50 years together with an informal BBQ.  My brother has flown over from the US and sister up from Brisbane so that we can all be together.  Also attending will be a brother of Dad's and his family.  So a small and quiet affair just the way my parents would like.

Now the photos of the card I would have loved to have taken outside but it has been raining all week so this is the best I could do.  The rain has me a little concerned as my wonderful friend Helen took on the challenge of making the anniversary cake for my parents.  Helen tends to get flooded in where she lives when we have had rain like this which I did not think of till this morning.  So fingers crossed that we don't have to canoe the cake across. :-)

Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. Wonderful card! Happy 50th to your parents from me! I compiled a 50th anniversary scrapbook album for my hubbin's parents 50th. Both my grandparents celebrated their 50th and my hubbin's grandparents too!

  2. Absolutely stunning Merry. I am sure your parent swill treasure this album.

  3. Merry this is so special and precious...wish your parents a special Happy Anniversary from me all the way from India!!

  4. This Fantastic card Merry ! I loved the various fold and lovely way to embellish them with photos ! Wishing your parents a very happy Anniversary !

  5. What a beautiful keepsake and wonderful photos, your parents look very glamorous, I love your Mum's dress.

  6. Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments. I have just done up an email to my parents sharing your beautiful wishes. Thank You. :-)

  7. Oh Merry you are so thoughtful and your creation will be treasured. I love the cake too. My father died right before their 50th anniversary and so it was rather sad for my mom. They had such a beautiful marriage.

  8. Both cake and card are AWESOME Merry stupendous work for such a blessed occasion.
    lorraine x

  9. congratulations to your parents and to you for such a beautiful loving card that you made for them. Hugs Mrs A.

  10. WoW this is stunning! Im sure they really love this. Very creative and just love how you designed each page!
    What a special heart felt gift!

  11. Wonderful concertina project, lots of awesome photos, loving the gold papers and embellishments! I'm sure they loved it!

  12. What a wonderful way to preserve such special moments Merry.

    B x

  13. Not sure if I lost the first comment here Merry, so just in case wanted to say what a lovely way to cherish special memories.

    B x

  14. Beautiful Merry - and I am glad that you had a lovely family gathering and that the cake made it over the creek! Did your nephew enjoy his cake? LOL. You will need some time to enjoy the event and the family visits and to take it all in!

  15. What classy scrap booking there. And what a royal couple. Love your Dad's haircut. there is something about short hair on men that turns me on, lol.
    It was like getting a glimpse into your celebration - beautifully described.

  16. Wow Merry, this looks so gorgeous and elegant - and so beautifully decorated. Congratulations on your parent's 50th anniversary! I hope that they had a wonderful celebration of the occasion.

    Jocelyn x


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