Monday, February 3, 2014

Buck-eye Beauty Quilt Block

We have started on our Quilt Block swaps over at Craftmad……and are always looking for more people to be part of these.  Our group is open and taking names for the February swap which is a Calico Puzzle Block….more details here.
Calico Puzzle

I really enjoyed getting behind the sewing machine again and the fact that I had enough fabrics in my collection to complete three Buck-eye Beauty Quilt Blocks.  This year we have decided to use Traditional Christmas Fabrics for all our blocks this year.

I have added a photo of each of the blocks as they vary slightly.  This block has the red square on the corner with christmas teddies.

In the centre of this block is a cream fabric with stars and green spotted fabric on the corner.

This one an extra bit of christmas tartan and green spotted fabric.

Thanks for dropping by.  It is wet, wet, wet here today.  We just got the mower back in the shed yesterday afternoon before it bucketed down and it has not stopped since.  At this moment in time it is very pleasant to hear the rain falling….by the end of the week I will probably be over it. :-)  Have a great day.


  1. lovely :) they are so very pretty in real life, thanks :) mine are in the post, well they will be in about 10 mins :)

  2. Great blocks, good idea to use Christmas colours and fabrics! You will have a fabulous quilt by Christmas!

  3. Such beautiful quilt blocks Merry - your stitching and piecing is so neat. My pieces always seem to move no matter how much I try and pin them exactly where they need to be. I need you to come down here and show me how to do LOL! I find it so frustrating!

    Jocelyn x


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