Saturday, February 1, 2014

Adding Pinterest Button to Blog Photos

Hi I thought I would share this wonderful tutorial with everyone.  I found this easy to follow, well as easy as anything can be that deals with HTML. :-)

You will find the tutorial on the Digital K blog.


  1. What a great trick!! I love pinterest and appreciate any new way to incorporate it into my life :-)

  2. Okay, will have to check this out further. I've had several shots in my back that helps me with pain. Blessed relief! So I follow the doctors advice and not lift anything heavier than five pounds and no twisting motions, etc. I can stand long enough to wash the dishes, but then have to sit down, so I'm popping up and down all day I'm not allowed to garden any longer, so have taken to container gardening. When there's a will, there's a way! I saw a walker bag on Pinterest made from a pair of overalls, like the bag saver I made a while ago, so am looking for another pair of black toddler overhalls.

  3. Thanks Merry! I just added it to my blog. It was really easy to do (thankfully) - yay!

    Jocelyn x


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