Friday, January 3, 2014

Candle Holder/Tile with Copic Refills

Today is my friend Anita's birthday and I bought her a beautiful smelling blue candle.  Dilemma it left a blue mark on the surfaces it sat on.  I remembered I had a plain white glazed tile in my stash, had a quick google to see if Copic Pens would stay on tile.  Answer was yes.  So I coloured the whole of the tile with my B97 pen then added drops of ink from my two refills E50 and Y11.  It was so much fun watching the drop of ink push the other colours out.  I also loved the perfect circles the drops created.  Such fun that I will be out and buying some more tiles very soon and I think another couple of refill inks.

The end product.

Well that is another week done, the start of a new year and new month.  Hope all your weekend plans work out, see you Monday.  


  1. This looks fabulous Merry..Loz

  2. What a beautiful looking tile merry ..Thank you for sharing how you made it, it goes perfectly with your gift candle :) ..Thank you so much for dropping by my blog :)
    Wishing you and your family a very Happy New year :)

  3. Clever girl! What a great tip as well - must look into that!

  4. well I would never have thought of colouring a tile with copic pens but what a good idea!! Bet your friend will love the candle - I love candles too - wishing you a happy and prosperous 2104 - Lesley x

  5. That's amazing! I'll have to try that, too... wow!


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