Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Our Son's View

This is my favourite photo....I just love the colours.
 Comments from our son: This is a sunset from the other day. The weather has been like Melbourne lately! Just keeps changing!

 Son's comments: This was taken at about 9pm in the pitch black, had the shutter open for about 3mins……my arm was sore after a few attempts!

Son's comments: And this one I woke up way too early! But I think it was worth it :)
(I have since learnt that way to early is 4am, so I do agree with him)

Morning all, I have nothing craftwise to share with you today or probably the rest of the week.  I have a few things happening that are keeping me away from my craft desk.  So today I thought I would share these photos the our son sent to us.  These are photos from his accommodation in Brisbane.  He is up on the second or third floor.  

Have a fun day everyone thanks for visiting.


  1. these are great photos! that 1st one is awesome!
    We're having Melbourne weather here at the moment too - and we frequently get your gross humidity down here - urgh!
    I'll get those ribbons in the post for you today - let me know when they arrive.. have a great day *Merry* :)

  2. Beautiful photo's Merry that first one is fabulous.I hope your son is enjoying himself.
    Kevin xx

  3. These wonderful snapshots have captured the nature so beautifully !

  4. Stunning photos Merry. I do LOVE the first one..Loz

  5. Fab photos ,love the extreme colours - the weather is inspirational.
    Thanks for the comments on my dungaree card ,I didn't have a pattern but liked the idea from this shaped card .This lady makes lots of shaped cards.

  6. Totally awesome photos Merry, they just might provide me with a little bit of inspiration with my brayer later today.

    B x

  7. amazing photos, awesome work to your son! Thanks for sharing!

    Hope you are all doing well, take care!!!

  8. Great pics especially that top one...really breathtaking!!


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