Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Memory Card into CD slot on Mac Desktop

We have a Mac Desktop and I so knew that one day I was going to come across this drama.  At the side of the monitor is where you can slot in your camera memory card and above that is the slot for the CD drive.  Once or twice I have just put my memory card to the side and suddenly realised it was going into the CD slot thankfully I have always held on.........till this morning that is.  Yes, I put my tiny memory card into the huge CD slot and let go.........disaster.  I googled and guess what, I am not the only person to have ever done this.  There is a wonderful video here that offered the simplest and cheapest solution. I am so happy.  You just cut a piece of cardstock (cereal box, tissue box, anything thicker than paper) to resemble the shape above.

Then you slide this in over the top of your memory card, lower and the simply pull out.

Hoping that is all my dramas for today.  Wishing you a good day.


  1. Hi Merry, Nice to know you got it out xx

  2. Whatever the problem there is always a helping hand out in there in cyber space.


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