Friday, November 23, 2012

A day at Michaelmas Cay

Wednesday morning hubby saw that the winds were down to 5 knots and meant to be the same again on Thursday.  So arrangements were made for him to have the day(Thursday) off work.  As it was a no new learning day and second last week of school for the year our daughter came along for the ride.  We haven't had the boat in the water (Tinaroo, Atherton Tablelands) for 15months and haven't been to the reef in 2 1/2 years.  This view is of Cairns as we travel out of Trinity Inlet.  Yes, it was a cloudy day....and we were even getting spots of rain.

Michaelmas Cay before the tourists arrived. :-)  This is a National Park and humans are only allowed inside the roped off area the remainder is for the birdlife.

I like the way the water glistens in this photo and yes the water was a perfect temperature.  I am one of those people that it takes forever to get past the belly button to get into the water but yesterday I was quiet happy to jump in and could have stayed forever.

A shot of the whole Cay....the little black dots are actually tourists getting ready to snorkel.  You should be able to click on this photo for a larger view.

One of the many bat fist at the back of our boat.  They are a little like pigeons and turn up not long after our boat is anchored waiting for scraps.

Our Darling Daughter (16yo).  Yes, she can swim but was using her Wiggles ring yesterday so that she could just float over the coral and fish.

Our daughter in action.....the ring was great when all the tourists arrived as we could definitely see where she was at all times.

More fish coming in for a feed at the rear of our boat.

We shared a little bread.  Those black fish are at least 1 metre long.

That was our day yesterday (Thursday) as you can see no crafting was done.   It was a beautiful day and reminds us why we love living in North Queensland with the reef on our doorstep.  Have a great day and weekend.  I hopefully will catch up on everyones blogs this weekend.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time,I'm green with envy that it was enough to swim.

  2. OMG! What a gorgeous place!! We love snorkeling! How close is this to where you live? Looks like a fun and amazing beautiful day!!
    What kind of fish is the one on the last picture it was black?
    Love the pictures!!

  3. Thanks ladies. Michelle, I am sorry I do not know the name of the fish in the last photo but I think I will google. Michaelmas Cay is just over an hour from Cairns.

  4. Hi Michelle, the large black fish are Trevally and the other ones are Sea Perch which are nice to eat. These ones are lucky as they are in the 'No Fish Zone' . As Wendy mentioned it is about an hour from Cairns (East North East), or 45 kilometres (28 miles) in a straightish line. Colin

  5. Wow wonderful pictures Merry, look at those dolphins fabulous.
    Kevin xx

  6. Thank you Merry and Colin! WOW! You are are so lucky to be so close to a reef!! We are close to the ocean but not a reef. People in Florida are though but we wont live there they get hit by hurricanes to often and not as many jobs where we would want to live. The economy is better here in TX than most parts in that area. Thank you both so much for the info!!
    What a treat for all of you!!

  7. Oh thanks for the pictures you look to of had a lot of fun looking at these and thanks for sharing them x

  8. I'm turning GREEN!!! We had a great day yesterday - it got to 24 (lol).....those fish are so sweet. Love that they shared your bread. Take days like this when you can with family - each day is precious and you never know what is around a corner. I reckon Carpe Diem is about right.

  9. Such sweet and therapeutic pix... so blue, so lovely. Thanks for sharing.
    The comments you made warmed up my heart - specially the one about daughters always needing their mum. It brought tears to my eyes... thanks for making me feel better. You are such a kind person... sorry that I am posting this as a comment. It should come as an email. Pardon my forwardness.

  10. These are amazing photographs - so glad you shared them. It's wonderful to see your part of the world, especially when it's cold and frosty here...Ruth x

  11. What an amzing day you had - your so very lucky - its very damp cold and wet in the UK at present so lovely to see some bright sunny photos best wishes Lesley x


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