Monday, September 24, 2012

My Craftroom Now

This is the before photo that I posted on Saturday of my craft area.

I have been busy all weekend and this is what my area looks like now.  I just want to sit and look at the area now as it is so clean and tidy.  I emptied every little draw and container and put it back in order.  A few things were tossed and already gone as the rubbish man has just been.  Other things to be passed on to my little nieces and nephews for something to do this school holidays.  My daughter kept coming in and saying there is something's easier to open the cupboard.  I think that is because there is no junk on the floor getting in the way.

This is really not a great before shot as I already had removed all the gear in the second shelf ... my messiest shelf holding bags of ribbons.

I emptied everything out and headed off to our new KMart 15mins down the road and bought seven new storage containers.  So wonderful.  Ribbons all together, rubber stamps together, ink pads together, dies and embossing folders together.  All that is left to do is label them all....not for me but my daughter so she won't go through everything to find what she is after.

So I am really happy with this area again and hope to get crafting soon. Although it is school holidays now for two weeks so will be in and out with our daughter and our son is back in town for the second week. :-)

Must say there may be one negative about cleaning out your craft cupboard on the weekend when your hubby is home.  He made this comment 'I didn't know you had that much stuff'.  Guess I had better wait a little before I order more. :-)

Have a great day.


  1. Oooh, nice and clean - I love a freshly organised craft room ;-)

  2. Looks fantastic Merry. Can you come over and do my craft room next..Loz

  3. Oh, can I come and help mess it back up :)

  4. wow- well done andit looks so nice now!-- a lot of space for creativity!
    Hav a nice week!

  5. My storage looks like this for all of 5 minutes then I get everything out to make card. I love shoe boxes and cover them with fancy paper .Enjoy your day.

  6. woohoo! yay for clean and tidy workspace! Can't wait to see what you make in that space now!

  7. Looks awesome!!
    I'm in the process of doing the same thing except I won't be labeling them yet since some day in the future we will be moving and I'm not sure how I want my scrap room set up.
    Looking forward to seeing your new oraganized containers!!

  8. Must feel so good now...Looks so neat.
    And yes, never in front of husbands should we show our treasures!!!!!! Lol.

    Monica xxx

  9. Progress indeed Merry, very impressive.

    Thanks so much for your supportive and kind comments over the weekend,they really did help.

    B x

  10. Oh i really like the after pictures so much..such a beautiful and peaceful crafty space it!!

  11. Merry I am inviting you to my home in India to come work your magic!!

  12. Very nice and tidy Merry, I like your new storage boxes, Lets hope your daughter doesn't mix up your stash.
    Kevin xx

  13. Looks amazing Merry and what a great craft spot to work in with all of your lovely crafty goodies thanks for sharing this xx

  14. After Sonia, can you add me to your list? Thanks! Great job Merry. Looks great now - you should be producing more amazing stuff soon!

  15. Oh Merry it looks amazing!!! I bet you love to just stare at it now! I deep-cleaned my craft room last week right before my son's visit, and the problem now is that it's so clean, I don't want to mess it I haven't been crafting as much. And that's not good!

    Enjoy your clean beautiful space!

    Hugs, Amy

  16. Great job Merry, now how long can you keep it tidy for lol!

  17. Looks great! Seems like I have heard a comment like that from my hubby too! hehe!


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