Thursday, September 13, 2012

Churn Dash Block Swap (Craftmad)

Hi everyone, I have been busy spring cleaning our sons much dust but it is all gone now and time to move on to the next room.  The bonus is I have found space in his room to put some non crafting items that I store in my craft area which means more room for my craft. 

Today I am sharing with you the Churn Dash Blocks I have been making for our monthly swap over at Craftmad (Check out the gallery here August Swap and September Swap).  We started in July and each month we are doing a colour of the rainbow in bright fabric with a black background.  August was Red.  So out I went shopping and fell in love with the above fabric thinking at the time that it was majority red and a little white but when made up and put to the other blocks it just not fit at all.  So back to the shops I went.

I found this lovely red fabric which is more fitting to our quilt blocks we have already swapped.

We are swapping one for each member of the swap and I have been making one to keep for myself.

September is Orange.  I made this at the same time as the red Churn Dash Block as I was a little behind after having to buy the second fabric.  So cut out all the the pieces but forgot to multiple the orange pieces by four. Duh!  I didn't have enough of the orange fabric, so off to the shops I went again.

Of course, the fabric I had originally was nowhere to be found.  Had to buy another orange fabric, so two of my blocks are a little my patchy.

All four together.

These are the Churn Dash Blocks I have received from our past swaps.  First one was green.....Annette went for blue.  :-)  Then Red.

Next month we are doing Yellow.


  1. I'm with you I love the red and white fabric.The colours on the other blocks look a bit dull in comparison. Perhaps for your next quilting project you could pick fabrics with white backgrounds.
    Enjoy your day.

  2. What a great & fun project - fabulous work! x

  3. Beautiful blocks Merry, especially like the blue one! Fantastic news more room to craft lol! Have a lovely weekend, take careX:)

  4. Oh it looks fab Merry, you have so many things on the go, so clever....Seems funny to hear of your spring cleaning when we are about to snuggle in for Autumn...well most of us have been snuggled in all summer if I am honest, what a rubbish year it's

  5. those are super fun! love the colours with the black background!


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