Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A touch of Christmas

This morning I had a spare minute and thought I would add a little more tinsel to our curtains.  So grabbed one strand and the remainder I placed in a pile on the floor.  Our dog promptly got up from where he had been laying and plonked himself down on all the tinsel.  Seems quite content. :-)

Thought I might share our tree that our daughter put up and decorated for us.  We have lights that sparkle at night time too.

Have a wonderful day everyone.


  1. Hi Merry, Your daughter has done a fabulous job on the tree it looks gorgeous enjoy christmas and all the very best for 2012:) Sandra H

  2. love the pic of the dog ;-)
    lovely tree, Merry

  3. Your dog looks very content with that tinsel lol, your tree looks beautiful.
    Kevin xx

  4. 'The christmas tree is Beautiful Merry.. The dog looks so content maybe you should leave him there as a decoration..Loz

  5. Hi Merry, I love your tree and your dog is so cute. It has been awhile since I was able to visit so I have been reading about your great trip to Japan. I was there about 40 years ago and loved it. I was even able to take a sumi painting class from one of the masters. He gave me a parting gift of a hand painted book he made. A treasure for sure. The people are so generous there. You were able to see more than I did. I would love to go back.
    Have a wonderful Christmas!! Sharon
    PS I love your blog header.

  6. your tree is beautiful and hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! thanks for all the photos from your trip to Japan. they are so beautiful and fun to see. =)

  7. Kauniisti koristeltu joulukuusi. Hyvää Joulua teille.

  8. your christmas tree looks so beautiful..your daughter has done a fab job of decorating it...wish you a very Merry Christmas in advance:)

  9. What a pretty tree!!
    How funny and cute about your dog!!
    Hopefully he finally got up so you could use the rest!!

  10. aw love your wooly dog, he is gorgeous!

    and great tinsel and tree, so love teh christmas decos!

  11. Your tree looks beautiful merry. Your dog is so cute! xx

  12. Your tree looks beautiful Merry - your daughter did a lovely job. So funny about your dog plonking himself on the tinsel LOL!

    My cat has been chewing the pine needles - don't know how she can stand it - and is leaving a little pile of needles for me clean up each day. But at least she has left the tinsel alone this year - last year she pulled it down and chewed and ripped it up into little pieces so I had to buy NEW tinsel this year. I don't think she will ever grow out of being a kitten!


  13. The tree is really pretty and such a cute pic of the dog! :)

  14. Merry, what a beautiful tree!!!! But the best, your dog sleeping on the tinsel, great!
    I always like your comments on my blog, thank you very very very much. I wish you a happy New year and that 2012 brings you everything you want.


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