Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Osaka to Tokyo

Today's photos are our trip from Osaka to Tokyo once again on the Shinkansen (Bullet) Train.  Yes, it is very fast but you don't feel that you are going any faster.  Also I thought the scenery would be a blur but no...you could see everything pass by.....just don't blink as you will miss it.  We all have comfy seats which can recline a little.

Some of the scenery between Osaka and Tokyo.

More scenery between Osaka and Tokyo.

The Bridgestone Factory.

Another view of our carriage.  That is the conductress coming down and checking our tickets.

Here I am in our roomy room in Shiba Park Motel in Tokyo.  Yes, plenty of room for the kids to visit and these were the softest beds in our journey.  Very comfy indeed.

This is the view from our room.

After a quick unpack and a cuppa we went for a walk around and found this Zojoji Temple just down and around the corner.  Another beautiful temple.

A little more walking and we found Tokyo Towers.

This is the view from the first observation deck in Tokyo Towers.

Yet, another view from the same level.

I asked hubby to take this photo as I liked the way the sign from inside the building looked like a floating street sign for all those buildings.
We did not go any higher as there was a forty five minute wait to go to the next level.
We went on a Saturday and in our excitement paid to go up to the first observation deck.  You then have to pay again to go up to the next deck.
Had we known or thought about it we should have visited on a week day.
We did but only for food and the place was bare compared to the Saturday crowd.

After checking out the view we found they had a food court so sampled some food.
Not only are there drink vending machines but they have machines you purchase a ticket for the order of your food.
You make a selection, pay the money and press the appropriate button then receive a ticket which you give to the lady at the counter. Wait a little bit and on this occasion I had a yummy bowl of curry.

After tea we caught a train and headed to Shibuya and a famous five way intersection which at night time is full of lights and people.  Amazing.  

More buildings and lights.

Cars turn at the famous Shibuya intersection.

There are crowds of people who very patiently wait while the cars go here and there. 

 They stop and next it is the pedestrians turn to go and off the hundreds of people go.  No pushing or shoving.  Everyone is polite and feels like synchronised driving.

We then headed back to our Motel and could spy Tokyo Tower over the top of the trees with a change of light colour.

Well only five days left until Christmas.  Today we are planning a little Christmas cooking. White Christmas, Rocky Road and anything else yummy we can think of.
Enjoy your day.


  1. We went to a few of these places too. Did you find it difficult to get around without speaking the language? When we go over we have family there that help us to translate everything. It can get overwhelming! xx

  2. Amazing and more very beautiful pictures!!
    Love reading all about your trip!!

  3. wow this all looks amazing, I only just caught up with my commenting so didn't realise you have been away. TYFS-you've made me want to visit too.

  4. oh wow, looks very cool!

    and I love the tower it reminds me of the eiffel tower!

  5. Love all the temple pics you have shown so far!
    Ah....a nice roomy bedroom! :)
    Gosh...a TON of people!! Surprised they were all patient and no shoving or anything. And you commented that they were very helpful earlier...that is my place as I don't like visiting where people are rude!
    I agree with Annmaree that first pic of the tower reminds me of the Eiffel tower!


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