Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thank You Chocolate Box

I promise this is the last chocolate box for a little while. :-)

This is for the third lady that works in our schools tuckshop and spends a lot of her time serving delicious food to those amazing teenagers.

I started this chocolate box card (tutorial here) with green card stock.
Topped this with this wonderful sparkly patterened paper from Hobby Fun.
I added a star sticker border to the edge of the chocolate window.  Also a sticker sentiment to say Thank You.

Off and running again. Not long until Christmas now.  Only 17 days.....


  1. Hi Merry, Fabulous work on this its just so beautiful:) Sandra H

  2. these are such a great idea for the teachers! have no idea what to do for our two yet!! they're both very health conscious so not sure they want choccies... maybe an apple! x

  3. LOL! Another choccie box!! Now your the one making me hungry everytime I read your posts! The box is decorated perfectly! :)

  4. love these so much, great starry papers and stickeroos!

  5. What a super idea, a card and choccies, what could be better Merry.

    B x


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