Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Waterfall card and a Kangaroo

Something a little different today.  A waterfall card.  I haven't done one of these in ages and it took me a while to remember how to do add the tags so they flip correctly.   This lovely lady is from a printed sheet which has two sizes already to cut out.  The cutting is very easy as everything has a straight edge, so out comes the craft knife and metal ruler.  

To create the card I started with my blank white card and then a layer of pink followed by Stampin Up Blue Bayou which I have embossed with Christmas Vine.  Then it was a matter of assembling the waterfall card pieces.  Now this printed sheet does have instructions on it which if followed you will be able to assemble.  Sometimes I just read instructions and I think I know better. lol  So it take me twice as long.  Doing it my way and then how the instructions tell you.  I finished by attaching the waterfall piece with two little Stampin Up brads from the Subtles colour group and blue and pink thin satin ribbon.  Topped with a sticker sentiment.

Middle of the week......and our boy has three days left of school in his life.  Today is slave auction day at the school.  This is where the Year 12's are auctioned off to the highest bidder/s from the lower grades and they have them for most of the day to help them out with some of their classes.  They can't complete assignments or solve problems but they can handwrite information etc.
Our daughter and a couple of friends have pooled some money as she is determined to buy her brother. Loves the thought that he will never be able to do the same to her and also the thought that he will have to do her school work. :-)
What our daughter doesn't know is that our son has hired a kangaroo suit for the occasion.
She knows we have been keeping something from her and it has been so much fun listening to her guesses.  Can't wait to hear/see her reaction to this.  Especially since our son is normally pretty quiet and hides in the background.

Here he is in the Kangaroo taken yesterday while daughter was out.


  1. Beautiful waterfall card Merry, I like the images and the colour, It sounds like your children will be having alot of fun.your son looks great in the Kangaroo outfit.
    Kevin xx

  2. Wow Merry this is stunning what a fantastic waterfall card the the images, colours and theme are wonderful, not sure about that Kangaroo though, lol, looks a bit scary to me.
    Lorraine x

  3. Love the card but the kangaroo wins my heart. You shall have to let us know how it goes. It sounds like so much fun!

  4. great waterfall card, love that!

    how great does your son look there, what a fun thing to do!!

  5. :D that costume is awesome!! I couldn't think of anything worse than being auctioned off!!
    Love your card, I've never made one of those, very cool x

  6. What a lovely card-that image is fab. Your son looks like he is going to have fun in that costume!
    You've done so many cards since I last visited and of course as always they are all lovely.

  7. Love the waterfall card Merry. and the Kangaroo costume is Fabulous..Loz

  8. Fantastic waterfall card! Looks like it took forever to put together!

    Oh and what a fun kangaroo outfit! That will be so fun!

  9. LOVE the costume! Sounds like so much fun!!! I would have loved to see him at the auction! Beautiful card too xx


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