Thursday, December 15, 2016

Two Christmas Cards Made :-)

Hi everyone, thank you all for you kind thoughts in relation to by my last post.  I am now on holidays and slowly getting into a new normal life.  Just had to share how my craft room looked like a disaster area after only making two cards yesterday. :-)  I would like to make at least another ten, can you imagine the room then!!! :-)

I saw a card with a quick and simple layout on Pinterest .  Thought this would be perfect to try out all the little stamps Mum had passed on to me recently. Mum had collected (over years) from the craft magazines she buys, they are the free giveaways.  I even did a little colouring with my copics.  Love the results and can't wait to get in make more.  Yes, if you receive a card from me this year it will look very similar to this but with a different image. 

Merry Christmas everyone, in case I am not back but have a feeling I will. 


  1. So nice to see you creating again Merry and if you end up with chaos it can soon be tidied, main thing you made two lovely Christmas cards.

    B x

  2. Merry Christmas - nice to see a post from you with these lovely CAS cards. Also nice to see that your very neat craft room does not always look like the header pic!!! Take care. Hugs Lynn x

  3. Two gorgeous christmas cards Merry. My craft always looks like a disaster..Loz

  4. Nice to see you around again Merry...
    Love the CAS cards, what a great design...I am just on a clean up expediton in my space, I can't even begin to say how awful the mess has been, and it preys on the mind don't you there....take care and enjoy your christmas, best

  5. Hi Merry I love these two fabulous CAS style festive cards the image are so cute, brilliant work. Merry I would love to wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas and New Year look forward to seeing you in 2017
    lorraine x

  6. That is a very nice neat chaos you have created. You should see how much 2 elves can wreck havoc with. Lol. Love your CAS design cards. Hope to be back with the Craft Mad Gang in the New Year. Too much been going on here as well. Hugs Mrs A.


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