Thursday, December 29, 2016

Gift bows and Fidget Rug

I have been wanted to try making a gift bow for a long time.  Finally took the plunge and discovered how easy they really are, I used this tutorial here. These three bows would have taken me 45mins at the most.  The best bit - I got to coordinate the colour of bow with the wrapping paper.

This is a fidget rug I made for my Dad. 

When visiting Dad in Palliative care he would often be moving things around on his table, lining everything up or pulling at his sheets straightening them out.  A photo of a fidget rug caught my eye months earlier on Pinterest. I remembered and thought this is exactly what Dad needs.  I had fun digging out buttons, lace and other embellishments to fidget with.  The fabrics were fun too as I had bought them about 18 months ago and now had the chance to put them to use. Dad enjoyed the fidget rug although the buttons frustrated him as they didn't move. 

More crafting coming. 


  1. Gorgeous bows Merry. The fidget rug is Stunning. I have never heard of this before...Have a Happpy 2017...Loz

    1. Thanks Loz. If you search Pinterest there are heaps of examples of fidget rugs. No I hadn't heard of them until they popped up into my feed. :-)


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