Saturday, December 31, 2016

Card Making on Comedy Cruise (Photo heavy)

Back in October my husband and I went on a Comedy Cruise which left Cairns it was only three nights but fantastic as it left from Cairns.  No flying anywhere, a novelty for our part of the world. Before the cruise I was lucky enough to receive a few stickers from Sticker Store so I put them aside with some card blanks as thought this will fill a moment on the cruise when we want time to ourselves in the cabin.  I also was given some card kits which were made up for the annual Craftmad get together held in Brisbane in October.  I quickly put them aside and tried hard not to look at photos from the events so that I could make the cards my way.  

First card made with mandala stickers and borders. It was very relaxing sitting and creating my own design from the array of borders and shape stickers I was given.

This is one of the card kits I received and my take on the card.  I took very basic card making essentials with me.  Double sided tape, one pair of small scissors and that was it. ;-0.  Thats why the ribbon is frayed on the ends, no decent scissors to trim or lighter to burn the ends.

This was not a kit from the Craftmad get together but a pack that was also given to me with rub-ons, stickers and ribbon.  I was also lucky enough to receive a Graphic 45 pad of papers which was handy for the background papers on this card.

Another kit from the Craftmad get together event.  If you look close I have woven black ribbon to the edge of the oval.  With limited crafting items I was becoming very resourceful.  The ribbon I cut from inside the shoulder section of a new shirt I had brought on the cruise.

The rub-ons from the party girl kit came in handy here to add a little more detail to the sentiment.

Another Craftmad get together kit card using stickers from the Sticker Store and such cute background paper.

Again, I had to be resourceful as I didn't bring any 3D foam tape with me and I wanted the die cut with the sentiment on to be raised.  So I grabbed the cardboard from the back of the Graphic 45 paper pad and cut it into strips.  Then using the double sided tape stuck these strips together until it was thick enough for me.  Cut these into small sections and ta dah! I have a raised die cut.

Last Craftmad get together kit.  I really like the end result of this card.  The hat and glove images are pre-cut die cut shapes (available at Blue Edge Crafts) and all you have to do is layer them up.  My homemade 3D foam came in handy again for this. :-)

In this photo you will find all the cards as they should appear if I had attended the Craftmad get together. :-)  I really didn't go to far off course with mine.

I left all the cards I had made on the ship as a thank you to the cabin crew.  I hope they were able to put them to good use.

I did share some cruise photos back in October but thought I would add some more here since I have mentioned it in the post.  We are still anchored here and this is the view from the swimming pool deck out over Trinity Inlet towards Second Beach.

As we left from Cairns so no flight fares and only a 3 night cruise we used the extra money to upgrade and try a bit of luxury.  It was very nice and didn't feel like we were at sea at all. 

View from our balcony as we left Cairns behind.

Willis Island the half way point of our cruise where we anchored for half an hour and viewed the weather station.  No-one left the ship.

Although I can't always take part in the Craftmad Annual get togethers - there have been four and I have attended two.  I like to send a little something.  This year I was looking for quick, easy and light.  I came across Gratitude Stones on my old friend Pinterest.  I dug out my pack of Stampin Up Air Dry Clay and put that to use.  I rolled out sections to hopefully look like pebbles, then stamped each one with a different small image.

I then put the stones into small paper bags I had made with the following verse.

That brings me to the end of my very long post.  Hope you enjoyed the trip from top to bottom.  Wishing you a wonderful Saturday, last day of 2016.



  1. Fantastic cards Merry. I am sure the crew were very happy.. Beautiful photos of the cruise and the gratitude stones are a great idea. i have never heard of these before..Have a Happy New Year..Loz

  2. What a fun trip so glad you had so much fun!! Love your cards and love the stones!!
    Merry Christmas belated and Happy New year!!

  3. A real jam packed post of so many lovely creation Merry and sounds like a real fun cruise.

    Wishing you a Happy and Crafty 2017.

    B x

  4. Gorgeous cards Merry - I am sure the crew were very touched to have someone leave them thank you cards as I don't imagine that would happen very often. The photos look amazing - the water is so blue! I love the Gratitude Stones - what a great idea! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments/wishes :-) It's been frustrating to not make alot of cards this year but hopefully 2017 will be a better year! Happy New Year to you and your family too Merry :-)

    Jocelyn xo

  5. fabulous gratitiude stones .... what a great idea and love the little poem that goes with them. Glad you had a lovely cruise even if it was only 3 days & found time for a little crafting.

    We had a lovely Christmas thank you and glad you did too. Wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year too

    Lesley x

  6. How resourceful to use layered cardboard strips for the 3d effect. I shall be trying that one out forthwith!. Never heard of gratitude stones before but yours look fab. Bet the girls were intrigued/impressed with them. wishing you a Happy and healthy New Year. Hugs Mrs A.

  7. Oh wow Merry, those cards are just fantastic - and how resourceful are you with the foam tape? I was lucky enough to get a set of the gratitude stones and they sit on the side, thank you so much for the ideas. What a lovely thing to do leaving the cards on the boat. I bet they were very happy with them. Got too love getting free cards.


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