Friday, July 8, 2016

Tea Cosy, Knickerbockers and Dog Carrier Bag.

I have been busy creating different things on this second week and last week of my holidays. 

This is my finished tea cosy for the Mulgrave Settlers Museum annual competition.  It's by no means a winner but I did enjoy knitting again after about twenty years.  It will add to the number of entries. I think it is pom pom top heavy.  I found this fantastic technique for making pom poms which claims to be five times faster……and it was.  Visit Homemade gifts made easy to find out how. 

Our daughter always knows how to make us laugh.  Here she is wearing it on her head when she arrived home.  I told her it was a tea cosy and she said I thought it might be, then she stands in front of the mirror and says "What are the two holes for"?  

I said back to her while laughing…….. "IT'S A TEA COSY".  :-)  Her …… oh thats right.

I put my hand up to help sew some costumes for the local high school musical.  My task was to make three knickerbockers for some characters.  So I used the Sunny Day Shorts pattern here and cut the leg longer.  I haven't put elastic in the bottom of the pants yet as I am not sure of the length they need them. Fingers crossed that the pants actually fit the kids….they are on holidays so can't do any fittings.

My friend now has a new addition to her home as of Wednesday last week - a 10 week Shit-Poo or Shitzu Poodle cross or a black ball of fluff with white front paws.  So cute.  It was not so keen on walking the distance we walk with the older bigger dogs so my friend had him in a cloth shopping bag but it just wasn't working due to it being so deep and shoulder straps.  So this is a practice run of a sling bag that I sewed using this reversible sling bag pattern.  I just made the base shorter.  Now my friend and puppy can trial it and I will make one with fabrics that she likes and buys with all the added extras needed. :-)

Puppy (Bailey)  and owner very happy with the new puppy carrier 

I have to share these photos as it was fun although at the time that was not a word I was thinking. :-0 After 13 years of waiting I made good on a promise to my daughter (when she was 7yo) that I would take her up Walsh's Pyramid (922m high - 3km walk to top) when she turned 9 yo.  She is now 20yo and a very patient girl. :-)  The photo above is me in the foreground and my cousin behind….daughter took photo.

This is Gordonvale from the top.   That is the sugar mill that you can see the puff of white which is steam not smoke.  To the back of it you can see where it is all steamy in the river near the tree line.  This is the Mulgrave River which runs behind the mill the water is warm with the run off from the mill which the crocodiles like.

This is looking from the top all the way in to Cairns.  All the green patches are sugar cane fields ready to be harvested.   The brown have been harvested and ready for replanting.

Thanks for passing by, wishing you a great day.


  1. When I saw the thumbnail on my reading list I thought it was a pom pom hat, the told myself don's be silly they don't need them in Australia, or do you ? But please to see was a tea cosy and I think the pom pom is just right.

    Amazing views from up there Merry, thanks for sharing.

    B x

    1. Nothing silly about thinking it was a hat Brenda as I have now added to my post our daughter wearing it on her head when she arrived home. I told her it was a tea cosy and she said I thought it might be, then she stands in front of the mirror and says "What are the two holes for"? I said back to her while laughing……"it's a tea cosy". :-) Her….oh thats right.

  2. Hi Merry, So busy again, do you ever stop.......I just love all the clever creations you have, and that pom-pom is fab, will go see the tute for that thanks......great pics to, gorgeous

  3. Gorgeous tea cosy and dog carrier Merry. I think it would be a little difficult carrying my 47kg furbaby in one of these..LOL.. Beautiful photos..Loz

  4. Fun post! I looked at your cosy and also thought it could be a hat...forgot it would have 2 holes! Nice photos!

  5. Love your dog carrier and hat so pretty!! Love that trip you both took looks so fun!!

  6. I have a Chihuahua dog and sometimes I carry her in a baby sling that I purchased at a charity shop (USA; thrift store). I call her my kangaroo baby. grin! Loved the pic of your daughter's two "puppy ears" poking out of the tea cozy. She must be a lot of fun! Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog. Have a great day! P.S. I would be huffing and puffing my way up that hill. I know the view was glorious though, right?

    1. I bet your dog looks very cute to in the baby sling. Yes, our daughter is a lot of fun and never fails to give us a smile. The view was definitely worth every long step it took to climb the mountain. Thanks for the lovely comments.

  7. Hi there,

    What a beautiful post this was to read. The tea cosy sure serves a dual purpose and your daughter looks lovely in it. These days anything and everything seems to be fashionable. Lol. How nice to come back to knitting after 20 years - happy woolcoming.
    How thoughtful of you to to make clothes for the school production. You honestly are an amazing lady with multi-faceted talents.
    The sling bag for the puppy is the cutest and I like the fresh green print on it. Such a cute dog that is.

    The scenic photos are breathtakingly beautiful and I am glad that the water is warm for the crocodiles... from the sugar mill.

    The picture of your daughter and you is also so sweet.

    You are a super mum and a super crafter,
    Monica xxx

    1. Thank you Monica for your lovely comments, so great to hear from you. :-)

  8. Hello Merry,
    your posting is wonderful and your daughter looks sweet ;o)
    Beautiful fotos !!!
    The little bag for the puppy is a fantastic
    idea and beautiful.

    Have a wonderful day, Merry
    Many greetings
    from your slowly..Swaani ;o)

  9. You certainly have been busy Merry, all great results.

  10. Hi Merry, Love all your clever makes, you are so busy, your daughter makes that cosy look even more stunning....haha....
    Love the view of the sugar fields...xx

  11. fabulous views over Gordonville, I thought for a minute the smoke was a heritage steam train . . . hope you keeping well, love the tea cosy . . . Lesley x


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