Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Happy 18th Birthday Nephew

I found a wonderful tutorial for this card by Emily Pitts here.  Perfect for my nephews 18th birthday.  I had intended on sending him a Dan Murphy gift card but time ran out and he scored an iTunes gift card.  Although, I have since been told that he does not use iTunes and his younger sister scores these gift cards.  I am thinking I will send her (turning 15yo in July, I should have my act together by then) a Dan Murphy gift card so that her brother can use it. :-)  I enjoyed putting this card together and hope it was manly enough.

This photo shows where the gift card sits….modelled by my Spotlight members card. :-)

Thanks for passing on by.


  1. Fabulous gift card Holder Merry..Loz

  2. Love the gift card holder! You're such a nice aunty to give him a gift card. He could have just gotten the card, right? grin!

  3. What a brilliant gift card idea Merry, its wonderful!!
    Kevin xx

  4. Beautiful!! Love how this gift card opens from the top so clever!!

  5. It is a super idea to make this very unusual card. I am sure your nephew loved it.

    I wonder how unstampabelles is doing.



  6. We have a Spotlight here and I love it and I even visited one Spotlight in Sydney - such is my addiction for art and craft stores. Lol.


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