Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Blurry Cat

Sorry the photo is a little blurry…..I was in a hurry to get the photo, envelope the card to mail off on the way to work so that it made it in time for my Sister-in-Law's birthday last Sunday.  

I couldn't resist the blog post title name either as I really enjoy listening to that new song Blurryface by Twenty One Pilots, my husband thinks I'm weird.  :-)  Oops, have now discovered the song is actually call 'Stressed Out'. 

My SIL adores cats and has a couple of her own.  I am enjoying collages and street graffiti so when I saw a card like this via Pinterest I thought I had to give it a go.  To start I found some cat information on the internet and printed that out then cut that into strips.  I then roughly cut out the black oval of card stock and hand drew with pencil a cat image.  I then filled the image with the strips of the printed paper.  Attached a couple of eyes, created a collar from paper scraps and a sticker.  Finished with a sticker border.  I know the result of the card is a little naive but I so enjoyed the process and always find it very relaxing attaching all the strips.

Thanks for passing on by.


  1. WOW!! what a fun and creative idea!! Love it!!

  2. Beautiful collage card Merry..Loz

  3. Wendy this is so cute - if you have time take a look at the cat created for this journal page - I wish I had the skill and the patience

    1. Thanks for the link Gail that is so cute. I would love to be able to do pages like that….I have patience but I not enough for all the layers of paint.

  4. Now this is inspirational .A new idea for me , thanks for sharing .
    cheers Shirley-Anne

  5. aah that is cute! great idea.


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