Monday, February 8, 2016

Townsville and road trip home

Our view from the barge as we were leaving Townsville.  The huge rock is Castle Hill - info here.  Although we didn't take a car across to Magnetic Island we took the barge across as it was a cheaper option and not as crowded.

Heading towards Magnetic Island - info here

We hired two of these little cars to zip around the island the other was blue trim.  So much fun.  We arrived at Nelly Bay and headed over to Horseshoe Bay where we swam for a while then back to Arcadia beach for some lunch.  

After lunch we found some Rock Wallabies across the road.

Sunday, we drove up the top of Castle Hill.  This is a good spot for running, walking which we had planned to do but early in the morning.  But it was way too hot then.  Crazy people were walking up there in the middle of the day as we drove up.  Isn't the view amazing.  Townsville is so green at the moment……green is not something that Townsville is known for.

Looking out to Magnetic Island.

Our trip home, there a storm with lightening over to the left.  We pulled over here to get that magic picture of a lightening strike.  Of course, not one strike while we waited….minutes not seconds.  So continued driving, of course more strikes.

So pulled over again to get that elusive photo which remained elusive.  Of course more strikes as soon as we took off.

So I will just show you photos of the impressive clouds.  The colours were amazing and in my head I was singing - This is Australia by GANGgajang  - hear it here.  Funny thing is this song played on the radio when I was heading over to my parents to pick up our dog when we had gotten home.  So then I sang out loud.  :-)

Now we are heading into the storm.

Yep, we caught up to it.

Wind and rain.

The other side.

More of the other side.

Now we know we are home - Walsh's Pyramid.

Have a great day.


  1. Fantastic photos Merry. I can still remember going over to Magnetic Island in a glass bottom boat over 50 yrs ago..There was not much on the island in those days..Loz

    1. Thats almost as long since I had been there Loz. :-) It has little towns on there now with IGA, Foodworxs a school and a bus service. Things I don't remember from my trip as a teenager. At least we hired cars this time, proves I am a little wiser as last time we hired bikes. Who knew Magnetic Island would be so hilly. :-)

  2. Great photos Merry and what contrasts is weather. Whenever we have a storm at sea I try so hard to get photos of the lightneing but it's not an easy task.

    B x

  3. Amazing colors in those clouds, sky, and water! And is the bay almost a complete circle? Beautiful! And it's cold, windy, and blah brown!

  4. Aww looks like you had lots of fun the photos are great but it's nice to be home again take care xx

  5. Hello Merry,
    very beautiful picture.
    What clouds, what a sky
    Very impressive
    Wish you a nice evening
    Many lovely greetings

  6. Wonderful photos TYFS. What a pity it went from that beautiful blue to the storm.

    1. Thanks Linby, the storm was very much needed. So hot and steamy we needed the relief of the rain.


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