Monday, February 1, 2016

November Craftmad Quilt Block Swap

Time for something different.  This is the final block I sent off to my Craftmad partner for the 2015 block swap.  Mandy had requested tropical, blue, yellows and green.  I got to choose the design so went the Card Trick block.  I really love the brightness and how well the fabrics went together.

I am still sorting through my craft room.  Everything went back in its right containers yesterday after a couple of years of quick clean ups and putting gear where it could fit. So nice to know everything has a spot.  Now the labeller will be working hard so I remember where the right spot is. :-)

Good news came out of my cleaning and tidying yesterday.  After cleaning every room in this house from top to bottom I finally found a small brass sign that went missing after our renovations, two and a bit years ago.  I so knew it was here but it was not any of the places I had been looking over those two years.  

This brass sign is very special to my husband as he served in the Navy as a Victualler and a big memory is that he served on HMAS Melbourne the last conventional aircraft carrier for Australia.  It was decommissioned in 1982 and he grabbed the Victualling Office sign which we have had attached to a wall in our kitchen ever since.  Until the renovations where I removed it and put it somewhere safe. :-) As a Victualler my husband dealt with all the food and clothing orders for the ship along with others in the office.

Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful week.


  1. Every time I see that orderly row of neatly labelled papers I get pangs of guilt that I need to have a good old sort out again.

    You certainly got the tropical feel right Merry, lovely zingy colours and that lush purple thrown in as well.

    B x

    1. Thanks Brenda, I had my label maker out again yesterday as I finally put everything in it's proper container. I have had a couple of years of quick tidy ups and stash stuff where it fits. So more photos of labels to come soon. :-)

  2. Beautiful quilt block Merry..Loz

  3. Everytime I go out to my craft barn, I've been grabbing a sack of stuff and putting everything away. I purchased a labeler too and it made its way into our house and I've been labeling everything in my pantry. The guys stuffed food wherever it would fit and my pantry went from bad to worse, so much so, I couldn't find what I wanted at times. You husband was what we call a supply officer. One of my girlfriend's husband did that for awhile in the Army. I went to sew something up yesterday and discovered my sewing machine doesn't work -- I think a belt is off inside, so off to the repairman it goes. Have fun with the organization of your craft room!

    1. Those labellers are brilliant aren't they. I like the idea of using them in the pantry. I think that will be my next venture for all the flour, coconut etc. By the time my husband left the Navy the Victualling branch had been amalgamated with the Supply branch.


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