Saturday, February 27, 2016

Ribbon Storage

More of my craft room re-organisation.  Note the curtains to the left have now been replaced with those in the photo below.  I have updated my ribbon storage from these two plastic drawer holders to…….

First I will share photo of pattern on the curtain up close.  Not sure what the pink tinge is that shows in the photo but they are a grey with a nice satin shine on the embroiled flowers.

These are the boxes that I bought to store my ribbons in.  They are 'Bits and Bobs' drawers from Kmart.

When I put my ribbons in I was wondering how would I know which colour is where.  I decided to add a bit of colour to the room and cover the front of each drawer with corresponding colour of Graphic 45 paper.  Had to search a little harder for pink, brown, gold and silver.

Tadah! All done.  The pink and brown finally arrived and the gold and silver I could not find anywhere in Graphic 45.  So I decided to put to use some embossed pieces of card stocks in appropriate colours that I had received years ago for a Craftmad swap.  I am really happy with the look and all the space I now have for my ribbons.  


  1. Oi, nyt on hienosti nauhat järjestyksessä, hyvin löytää nyt nauhan oikean värin. Kaunis verho.
    Hyvää viikonloppua ♥

    1. Thank you Kirsti, happy weekend to you too.

  2. I could do with you over here for a few days Merry so you could organise me !

    Hope you have a good weekend.

    B x

    1. OMG, Brenda I would so love to visit you and your craft room. I will speak to my husband/ travel agent and see what he can arrange. ;-) It may take a couple of years but I am sure we can make it happen. Actually, our son and his girlfriend are heading your way in June for about three weeks. London and Paris.

  3. Hi there,

    Your craft room looks very sweet. I love those grey curtains and I like the pink even though it does not exist. Lol. Cameras and lighting can do amazing things sometimes.
    The ribbon drawers are awesome. And what a cool idea to colour code the drawers. And the files with coloured paper is a great idea as well.

    Take care and thanks for sharing the photos,


  4. Your craft room looks so organised Merry.. beautiful curtains..Loz

  5. Fabulous storage solution . . . . Lesley x


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