Thursday, October 16, 2014

Reddy Creative Cards - Cardmaking Book

Just had to share.  A friend gave this to me as a present last Christmas and I have just pulled it out ready to start on Christmas cards for this year.   This Cardmaking pack has everything you need for 16 cards and some little gift tags.  All the 3D paper tole sheets are in individual cellophane sleeves.  It has the card base, envelopes, stickers and 3D foam squares.  

Yesterday, I started with the 3D paper tole sheets which are all die cut and they come out so easily and at this stage appear to be cut very nicely to the image.

I haven't started assembling yet but if you are looking for something that has everything ready for you to go this is the best I have had.  By the way I have nothing to do with Reddy Creative Cards just think this is a great pack.

Oh, I found this link.  Reddy Creative Cards.

Edit:- It's now Saturday, have taken the dog for a walk, hung out washing, tidied the house and just finished my first of these cards.  Duh! I put the image on upside down.  lol  Luckily it is a picture of flowers so am going to see who notices.


  1. Fabulous idea Merry. Thanks for the link..Loz

  2. The shop where I sell my cards is asking how soon my Christmas cards will be ready. Good grief what about Halloween and Thanksgiving. I just put a big card rack there at their shop. Now I have to keep it filled up. It i s getting rainy and cold here so I will get to the cards soon. Ha!
    I like your quilt block too. And your male cards!!!! I am playing catch up again.

  3. Verna Angerhofer, another stamping buddy of mine, won one of these packets from some contest she entered at a stamping company recently, so it must be the in thing now for people who like being crafty, but don't have much time to be so. Are you going to add your own twist to the cards or make as is?


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