Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Craftmad Quilt Block Swap Catch Up

Hi everyone, I have had the sewing machine catching up on a couple of the Quilt Block swaps for Craftmad.  I managed to get all of these done last month just slow putting up photos now. :-)

Each month at Craftmad three of us have swapped a block use traditional coloured christmas fabrics. For the month of July we created a Fly Foot Block.

August Block - Greek Cross.  Now this one came together so nicely I would like to try this block again in other fabrics.

September Block - Nelson's Victory.

The more I work with triangles in my quilt blocks the more I appreciate what beautiful work people create when I see handmade quilts on displays.  Getting those triangles to line up keeps me very busy.   I have certainly changed my habits since I did my first couple of quilt blocks.  I then used un-rinsed, fabrics, un-ironed, used pencil marks for measurements then cut them with scissors, and then just whacked the pieces together and sewed.  Never ironed until the end.

Now I rinse, iron, use my quilt square ruler and rotary blade, at the start I just sew pieces together but when I attach rows to each other I pin the seams.  I iron after every stage.  

I have been busy working on a recipe book to give to our kids at Christmas time, since one is out of home and the other not far behind.  I am doing it on IPhoto as I wanted a spiral back so it could sit flat on the kitchen bench when cooking.  IPhoto doesn't have a recipe book template so I have been adapting a Journal format it all adds to the challenge. Has been fun finding photos of our food disasters and putting all the recipes they have enjoyed in one book.

Till next time......

Have a great day.


  1. Love the quilt blocks - my downfall is the cutting out - I have a steel ruler and a rotary cutter but I still make a mess. Great idea for the to give the recipes to your children .

  2. Beautiful quilting Merry..Loz

  3. Lovely quilting here. The colours are nice and crisp. I am sorry for not being regular. Just trying to settle in mentally and accepting the changes in the school as something I have to accept. The school in Jakarta was awesome and I have to believe that this is too. The children are happy so am sure they are doing something right.

    Hope you and yours are well,


  4. Nice work! I love all of your blocks. We did the recipe book thing last year, and the kids liked it. We had it printed and bound at the local copy shop though.


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