Monday, October 6, 2014

Craftmad September Swap - Male Card

Hi everyone, this is the second card I did for the Craftmad September Card Swap - Male cards using no blue.  I saw a wonderful card over on Tami's Blog with a video tutorial on how to do this Pinwheel Technique.  So very easy and great way to use scraps of paper.  I so have to get in and set my photo box thing up again so I can share nicer photos.

It's Monday, and a long weekend here for Labour Day.  Also the last day of my two week break so back to another form of normality tomorrow.  I have really enjoyed my time off although some of it was hard work.  Moving 5m mulch....but my gardens are happier.  Helped hubby finish off a new divider thing on the back verandah.  He constructed it all (using Jarrah decking slats) with a little help from me holding timber at times but then we both painted the three coats of oil to protect the timber from the sun.   Chopped down a huge Black Wattle Gum in the backyard.  Just as well as the trunk near the base was hollow so would have gone over in the next wet season for sure.  Not that it would have caused any damage as it was up the back near the vegi garden and away from the house.  Moved on my Mum's and Dad's camper van that they tripped around Australia in at least ten years ago.  The kids then used it as a cubby house and a sleepover venue.  It has been sitting out in the weather under a tarp for the last 3 to 4 years, unused.  I worked out it is 38 years old.  So a bit deteriorated,  advertised it 'free' and removal costs were all responsibilities of the new owner.  I had 7 enquiries in less that an hour.  Had to take the ad off Gum Tree so my phone would stop ringing. :-)  The people that came and took it moved up here from Melbourne three months ago, have a young family and are keen to camp and discover the area.  So it has gone to a good home.  On a fun note, I managed to spend a day with a lovely bunch of ladies/friends on an outing to Babinda.  First we had coffee at the Babinda Bakery which has the yummiest food and coffee then we all wandered up the street to check out all the shops.   A couple of us spent a lot of time at Scraptherapy, an amazing shop.  The others continued on to the pub ready for lunch.  So a good break.  

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  1. Sounds like your two week 'holiday' was very productive Merry but looks like you gone lots of jobs done.

    Another great card.

    B x

  2. Beautiful card and pinwheel Merry..Loz

  3. Love making these cards, so fun to make and yours looks really nice! Sounds like you got some necessary gardening done. Our backyard needs some work -- we have stinkweed trees (Tree of Paradise trees from China) making a jungle in our backyard. We've tried cutting them down and spraying them with brush killer and still they spring up every year. Getting sick of them. Hope you have a good day! :)

  4. Here's you a stamp-free card:

  5. Awesome male card. I like the colour combo and the style.


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