Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Seashell Card

Morning everyone, it's a wet drizzly day here today.  This actually works in my Relay for Life teams favour as we have a Kids Card Making Day (creations by Ruth Massey) today with 24 kids booked in.  The kids are all on the last week of school holidays and with it raining outside they won't have plans on going anywhere else.  I bet the Mums are all glad they have booked in.  I must remember to take a photo of what they make to share with you.

Today I am sharing one of the cards that I made at a friends Relay for Life fundraiser last month.  The lovely Ruth Massey (Stampin Up demonstrator) put this card together for us all to do.  It uses the 'By the Seashore' Stampin Up set.  They come up so nice and the images are all made up of tiny words.  My favourite is the sand dollar which I have collected many going to the beach when growing up.

Have to tell you about a discovery I made Monday afternoon.  We have lived in our present house for 15 years now and on Monday afternoon I discovered we had an avocado tree.  lol  I love avocados.  Over the last couple of years I have found a couple of small what looked like avocados on the ground but not really thought anything of it as cockatoos are always raiding the fruit trees around the area and I just thought they had dropped it as they flew by.  Well Monday I found a full size avocado on the ground and this time decided to look up and there was another one hanging on the tree.  So again I googled and discovered we have a 'Reed' avocado, that they do take a lot of years before they first get fruit and that it should flower September and then we probably won't get fruit until the following December....which I am taking as the following year.  Amazing how long the fruit takes to grow.  Oh, and the other thing I have learnt is that avocados don't ripen until they are picked.  They can hang maturely grown on the tree for months.


  1. OH I so love this card, great sea themed stamps so pretty and great layout too!

    How awesome you have found an avvo tree!!! They do tend to look like just normal trees until you notice the fruit! How Fun

  2. I don't think I'll ever see an avocado tree Merry, perhaps like you there has been one on my travels and I hadn't realised.

    I love the crisp elegance of your CAS style card.

    B x

  3. Wow ! I loved this sea themed card !! And what a fruity n delightful discovery !!

  4. Wonderful card Merry, I like the design.
    Kevin xx

  5. Hi Merry I want to thank you for all your wonderful comments on my blog they mean so much to me. I absolutely love this gorgeous card those images look ACE, a truly wonderful card.
    lorraine x

  6. That looks so delicate Merry, such pretty colours, wonderfully designed, too! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, I so appreciate this. Take care, Ira xox

  7. Love your dreamy sea-shelly card... it is so soft and gentle. And your story of the avocado tree made a good read.


  8. LOVE this card Merry! Fab design and would be great for a guy or a lady.

    How fab having an Avocado tree! They don't grow where I live because we have a lot more frosts than in Melbourne so they don't survive - but I would LOVE to have one (would probably save me a lot of money as my DD loves them!).



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