Monday, April 8, 2013

Card Trick Block - Craftmad February Quilt Block Swap

Morning everyone, another new week.  Week 15 and day 98 just for a bit of trivia. :-)

This year over at Craftmad for our Quilt Block swap we are swapping blocks using Dusky Blue, Dusky Yellow, and Dusky Green.  Each month we are keeping the same colours and trying a new 12" block pattern.  We would love more people to be involved so if you enjoy making blocks and would like to swap please visit Craftmad and join on up.  It's Free and the members are lovely.  Our April swap is a Rail Fence Block which we have already started on but if you would like to join in I am more than happy to swap with you.  Cathy of 'My Sewing Room' is involved in these swaps here to see her blocks.

Back to this block, our first block for the year which is a Card Trick block.  I love the end result but it did confuse me when putting it all together.    I found I had to lay out all the cut pieces to see which way I liked the fabric combo and also so that I knew how to sew it all together.  I ended up drawing the diagram below for one of my partners Mandy and she said it helped thought I would share.

 I have drawn the colours the way I have sewn them. I have the put the size of the square that the triangle comes from in the triangle in the diagram. Triangles for the corners come from 4 7/8 squares and the centre section is made up of triangles from the 5 1/4 squares.

I cut:
 1 x 5 1/4" square of each colour
2 x 4 7/7" square of each colour

Wishing you an enjoyable week.


  1. fabulous quilt block Merry I like the design and those colours.
    Kevin xx

  2. oh wow that looks so neat!! Lots of fun! Loving your quilt blocks xoxo

  3. Very pretty block quilt pattern!
    Love the colors!!!

  4. Great colors and that pattern is really something. You do very nice work.

  5. Looking at this post makes me want to get back to my quilting again Merry, it's years since I did any but there is something very satisfying about it.

    B x


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