Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Camera Pop Up Surprise Card

This is the card that I made for our son's 19th Birthday.  This is also the card that got a 'Wow' from husband who has a new found love of photography.  Our son also loves filming and is doing a Uni course which involves this very subject but in his spare time he loves to take photos.  

I have been wanting to make one of these surprise pop up cards for a while now and found a tutorial online.  Sorry I didn't save the link.  The wonderful camera image I found at Tiffany Doodles.  There was a gallery attached to these images and I used one of these creations to guide me as I coloured.

I added glitter rub on letters to create the surprise message to be found under the image when you pull the top tag.

(Sorry photos were taken at night time)
Dug out my most masculine Happy Birthday stamps to stamp a message on the tags.  My daughter did not think it went with the card but as I said to her....cogs were better than flowers.

Considering I only coloured three sections of this camera I was surprised that it took this many pens to do that.

Thank you all for coming to visit yesterday I really enjoyed reading all your comments.  Something I have missed as it is very rare I get a reaction from my husband - a once a year event.  It is nice to come in here to share my creations with other crafters and get more than a grunt.  :-)


  1. Ohh what a great card and the recipient will sure get a surprise when they pull the string. I know they will smile for the camera when they see it.


  2. This is brilliant Merry, I love the design and the camera
    Kevin xx

  3. very cool card! I love the pull tab to reveal a message.

  4. Love the way the camera pops up!

  5. Wow! This is a cool card! Love the camera and the pull tab :)

  6. It's so nice when you can find images or stamps to personalise a card to suit the recipients interests.

    I'm sure your son really appreciated it Merry.

    B x

  7. This is so awesome, Merry! I LOVE that camera and the way it pops up! Perfect for your son!!!

  8. OMG, how coooool is this card... your son would have loved it one hundred percent. That must have taken you a while to make. What a perfect card for him.
    Thanks for always leaving such cheerful comments for me to read... specially the one about hoping that your daughter will come back to crafting in 10 years time ;-) That made me feel so much better :-)

  9. Hey ! This is fun pop-up The camera idea is very clever !..
    I agree guys always love pop-up rather than senti cards!

  10. well you did say the card was a surpize - and it was - ingenious card best wishes Lesley x

  11. Hi Merry what a brilliant pop up card great image a super, super card.
    lorraine x

  12. What a brilliant card Merry! I have never seen a pop up surprise card before but gosh, it looks fantastic!!

    ♥ Jocelyn


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