Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bamboo is gone!!!

I know that no one will be as excited as me and possibly my family but I just wanted to share 'The End' to our bamboo saga. :-)  Yes, today after two hours of pulling, coaxing, digging I got rid of the last of our bamboo.  

You can find out more about our bamboo story includes photos here (Aug 2009 unbeknownst to us this was the start of the bamboo dying....apparently it flowers about 20 years then dies so that the new plants can grow) (Aug 2011) and here (another Aug 2011) and here (Oct 2011) and here(Nov 2011) and here  (Jan 2012) and here (Aug 2012).
Told you it was a saga. :-)

Now we can start planning which plants are staying and what we can add to this garden.

Happy Sunday to you all.


  1. The Bamboo saga has certainly been unravelling for a while!

    Glad you got rid of the last of it, and can start planting something!

    Something Native perhaps? And something that flowers?

    Good Luck! xoxo

  2. Cant wait to see what you do with this little piece of earth.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  3. Hi Merry,
    Read with interest your Bamboo saga and clicked back on all your links.
    We bought 3 bamboos in pots from our garden centre all different varieties and planted around the garden a good few decades back. About 5yrs ago the one nearest the house started getting what I would call thronds on it. Took a specimen back to another garden centre who told me they only live for 50 yrs then go to seed (which was what the specimen was. They graft the bamboos from an aduult plant so depending on how old the that was then your bamboo will have a shorter life span. The stems all went brown but the following year afew new shoots did appear but then these died back too so we took that one out coimpletely. Then about 3yrs ago the second one did the same but because it was in a dificult place to get too I just cut it back to ground level, the earth was rock hard so no way I was breaking my back over it!! Last yr I noticed new shoots coming up and now I have a healthy if not tiny new bamboo. (Incidently I kept the canes for garden stakes just trimmed off all the side bits).
    The third one is still going strong though I have cut it down to a neat bush height of 4' and cut any spurs of at ground level.
    Would take photos but it is so cold outside and snowing!!! Where is our Spring? The clocks go forward next weekend too.
    Glad the wine tote fitted.
    Hugs Mrs A.

  4. Congrats! That stuff is really, really hard to get rid of! Good job!

  5. We have the bamboo sage in reverse Merry, we have planted numerous ones over the years and they never flourish. I would blame our soil, but round and about others do so well.

    The latest attempts to grow one had been instigated by one of our sons, he has a huge one in his London garden and successfully took cutting last Autumn and so far they are doing OK. But that's in pots, the test will be when we transplant to the garden.

    B x

  6. I bet you are thankful that bamboo is finally gone! Come share it with me at my new blog --


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