Friday, December 7, 2012

Cockatoo, snake and omelette

Hi everyone, no crafts from me today so thought I would share some of the wonderful photos my husband has been taking.  The Sulphur Crested Cockatoo's have been flying around our place lately.  Some the trees must have fruit or seed on them that they like.  I have covered my lemons and oranges as they are green and just at the stage that a cockatoo likes.  This is a link if you would like more info on these birds.

This is my husband favourite challenge capturing these birds in flight.

The surprise that was found when the Christmas Tree box was removed by our daughter earlier this week.  So glad I was at work.  Apparently this is an Amesthystine Python or Scrub Python known to be Australia's largest snake.  This link tells you more information.  One bit of info it shares is that it has a recorded length of 8.5 metres....which was found near Gordonvale.  Guess where we live.  Apparently, this guy was only about 1 metre long.

He really did not like all the attention and did just keep moving to find somewhere where people couldn't see him.

He was still in the cupboard when I returned home from work and hubby says come and have a look.  Not my thing but I followed.  As we were walking outside hubby says I am not sure where the snake is now so I wait outside the shed, watching through the door, about 5 metres away until hubby locates the snake.  Snake is not happy and on the move again he slithers up on to an old BBQ plate that had a folded tarp sitting on top.  My hero husband, as there is no way I was going any where near that snake, grabbed a shovel and slid it under the BBQ plate and carried plate, snake and tarp way up our backyard.  Put it on the ground and then encouraged the snake to head in a direction opposite to our house.  Me, I was back on our back verandah about 20 metres away.  Occasionally the snake would let hubby know he was not too happy about the direction that he was told to go and hubby would let out a noise which made me one step closer to the door of the house. lol

Thought I had better finish with a nice photo.  Apparently, this is the 'perfect' omelette.  Yes, cooked by hubby.  I must say it does look very Yum.

Well another week comes to an end and that it for blog posts for me until Monday.  I hope to catch up on what everyone has been doing over the weekend.  Wishing you a good weekend.


  1. Great pics, can't say I would be too happy to find a snake near my chrismtas decs.

  2. It does look yummy care to share x

  3. Kaunis Cockatoo. Huii käärme..josta kasvaa iso pelottava kuristaja käärme. Herkullinen munakas :)Mukavaa joulunaikaa.

  4. Love all the pictures I would love to have one of those birds in our yard. We dont get them here in the US but we get the parakeets but not in our area.
    Wow what a snake hopefully he wont come back.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Tanks for showing this wonderful photos! Its the first time, I see a Kakadoo flying!
    And-- I think I will never find a snake under the christmastree- (hopefuly)
    Best wishes Mona

  6. Great photos Merry, but I'm just blown away by that blue, blue sky, did I mention blue sky ?

    I think last time I saw one of those was on last years cruise and that seems like forever ago now.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    B x

  7. Just shows how long ago it seems it was actually this year in June !!

    B x

  8. I was thinking a cockatoo and snake omlette wouldn't be interesting! HEHE

    I love the cockatoo so awesome, and ooh what an interesting snake!

    Love the omlette looks pretty and tasty!!! NNMMMM

  9. Fantastic photos Merry. Just looking at the snake photo scares me..Loz

  10. The only good snake is a dead one in my book! *smile* We have garden snakes in our yard. Once I lifted up a sandbox and at least a dozen baby snakes slithered out from underneath in all directions. Our son came to the back door to ask me what was wrong. Guess I must have let out a mighty screech! LOL!


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