Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Card from my Aunt

Now isn't this one cool guy, I wouldn't mind attending this Christmas party. :-)
Today I am sharing the card that my Aunt sent to us this year.  3D Paper Tole or Decoupage is very new to her as in the past she has done paper punching cards only.  My Aunt is very new to cardmaking she is in her early 70's and only started about five years ago.  A lot of gentle persuading by my Mum when they visit and one of her friends in the Bundaberg (QLD) area supplies her with crafting goodies.

Another week is coming to an end and only 11 days until Christmas.  I can't not know how many days are left until Christmas as there are three advent calendars in this house.  For some reason this is the one thing that our teenage daughter remembers to do each day. :-)  Have a great day everyone.


  1. Your Aunt did a fab job with her 3D work, a lovely card. Oh, I'm not ready for Christmas, need more time, LOL. I haven't even ordered the meat yet!!!!
    Have a wondrous Christmas, Merry.
    Hugs, Sandy

  2. Wouldn't mind finding him in my Christmas stocking lol.

  3. Wow!! This card is incredible!!

  4. Fantastic card your Aunt has made Merry..Loz

  5. Your aunt has done Fabulous job !Liked it very much !

  6. The talent must run in the family Merry this is fabulous.
    Kevin xx

  7. Ohhhhh this is gorgeous and so is your image xx

  8. awesome card from your aunt, love the handsome dude!


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