Friday, August 13, 2010

Stacie' Birthday Candy

Happy Birthday to Stacie......well on the 22nd August which happens to be the close date for this terrific Blue Candy.  Can you tell that is her favourite colour?  If Stacie's followers reaches 100 (currently 93) and she receives 29 comments on her candy she will add a little something extra to the collection.
So be sure to visit Stacie at All Things Crafty....she always has lovely cards and creations on her blog.

No cards from me today and I probably won't be on for a couple of days.  
Where I am at....had my first nights sleep in bed for about two weeks without coughing during the night and moving to the lounge.  Yes, I had/have bronchitis but medicines are obviously kicking in. 

I have done 32 of my 40 card order....and the remainder are cut, stamped and need to be coloured and put together.

Tomorrow my friend and I are having a stall at the Annual Pyramid Race here at Gordonvale.  This is where silly people run a lap around the central town block and then run about 5km before starting their ascent up the mountain shaped as a Pyramid which is 922m high then back to town again.  Another of our friends is one of these silly people doing this....same age as me and has done it for years.  So we go and cheer her on.  

Sunday.....I am sleeping in and doing not much at all except eat birthday cake at a friends daughters 11th party.

So have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Thanks for the early birthday wishes and advertising my candy! I hope you take it easy as you sound like your still not fully over being sick! Have fun but make sure not to overdo it!
    Best wishes!

  2. Thank you my dear Merry for your visit in my blog,it make's me very happy..i send you a big hug..Laura.


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