Monday, August 9, 2010

Cards and Pie

Another week is here.  The weekend ended up being a write off for me.  I did get these four cards made but the dreaded cold that I was fighting and thought I had beaten got the better of me.  So took myself to the doctors yesterday (Sunday) and now am dosed up on antibiotics.  A little better this morning.  At least I am not coughing as often.

However, my daughter (14yo) had a ball yesterday in the kitchen.  I think cause she knew that I could not be bothered to come and check what she was doing and how she was doing it. lol :-)  She started with some condensed milk biscuits which looked very yummy....I have still to try one.  Next she wanted to have a go at a pie.  So here is her first ever attempt of pastry.  It is a pear pie and very yummy she did a brilliant job on the pastry.  The only down side was that we only had salted butter which she used and still added the teaspoon of salt.  It wasn't too salty but you could taste it.  Gives her a reason to make another one real soon.

Pear Pie all prettied up with icing sugar and shortly after devoured by the family.

Happy Monday everyone.


  1. Yummmm ...I wish I had a 14 year old baker! Glad u r feeling better and love your can I have a slice of pie?

  2. YUM!! Sounds and looks delish!! I have never heard of a pear pie before! I would love the recipe!

    Also, I am so sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Glad you got some meds so hope you are fully recovered soon!

  3. OH WOW that pie looks fabulous, theres no way I could have done that!

    and love those cards, so cute great image!!!

    enjoy the new week!!!

  4. I have never had a pear pie, but it sounds yummy! The cards are adorable as always! I hope you are feeling better soon:)

  5. The pie looks delicious, sounds clever that daughter of your....hope your soon feeling much better and I love the

  6. Love the cards Merry, yummy looking pie, it really is great when the cook, its just the mess after lol, not too keen on my feet sticking to the kitchen floor, though she is getting better! Hope you are soon 100%, these colds are a nuisance, take careX:)


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